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1 Stop Speed : RG5 Goes Back to Back

1 Stop Speed

RG5 Goes Back to Back

“It was like mission impossible. I’m telling you, winning a bracket or index class these days is about as tough as they come.” That’s what Richard Gadson had to say at the end of last weekend’s IDBL event. It was also a sentiment that was echoed throughout the pits as racers loaded up at the conclusion of the IDBL East Coast Nationals this past weekend. But Richard Gadson is one of the best and with a top notch bike like the 1 Stop Speed AEM Infinity backed Hayabusa, well it wasn’t a surprise to most to see him win another IDBL event. Mike Belo, owner of 1 Stop Speed had a lot to be excited about from the event.

The team tested on Friday like they always do and felt comfortable with their setup for the weekend. But Gadson didn’t want to change anything from there last successful outing at IDBL. Maybe a tad bit superstitious, the talented rider insisted on breakfast and dinner at the same establishments that brought them Sunday glory the last time out. So neither rider nor bike owner were too worried at the end of the day on Saturday when they were unable to secure a win. “The racing was really tough today, but Richard shines on Sunday without a doubt, so we’re not even going to dwell on today,” said Mike Belo at the conclusion of Saturday’s activities.

Richard Gadson Mike Belo 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa

It was a side goal for the team, one that a lot of racers were taking interest in though. Generally, in bracket racing, it goes against the grain to try to pull every ounce of ET and speed out of your bike… Purely because it usually puts the bike in an “unpredictable” state, which isn’t good when you are trying to run the same thing over and over again. But the team had been creeping up on a 7-second pass all year and it was certainly a goal for them. How many different machines has Richard Gadson run sevens on? Probably too many to count, but this bike is different as it is “just” an all motor 1441 Hayabusa in pretty much street trim. So the excitement was uncontrollable on Sunday morning when the 1 Stop Speed team ripped off a 7.97 pass during their time run. Yep, 7-second passes on an all motor Hayabusa, that’s setup to bracket race! ” I am very excited to get the 7’s off our back but it really shows how our total combination is working very well. It’s not just Richard and the Adams power plant or the AEM with the perfect tune up, it is everything from the MTC clutch, Litz racing shock and the total package all working together,” said bike owner Mike Belo.

Richard Gadson Mike Belo 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa

After a short celebration the team quickly got back to work and focused on the goal, winning another IDBL event. Richard went to work attacking the tree and working his way through both the Street & Pro ET fields. With only six bikes left in Street ET, Gadson had an incredibly close race with veteran bracket racer Bob Carlson, only to fall on the wrong end of the ticket. However, Gadson was shaking up the competition in Pro ET and found his way to the final round. The final was no different from the prior three rounds, as his competitor Derrick Milbourne went for the kill and pushed too hard lighting the red light. In his final four rounds Gadson received three red lights form his competitors and a bye run. When asked if he was “scaring” the competition Gadson replied, “the competition was so darn tough this weekend I just think everyone was willing to push the tree and I was able to capitalize. Look at Derrick for instance, he was .002 and .015 the rounds before and was only .004 red in the final. He was on a mission and I’ve had my eye on the kid for a while, he’s good.”

Richard Gadson Mike Belo 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa

The 1 Stop Speed team would like to thank all their supporters for not only the support they provide to help achieve a winning motorcycle, but to also be able to push the performance limits along the way. A seven second 1441 Hayabusa that can also go seven rounds to win one of the toughest classes in IDBL. Richard Gadson and Mike Belo are certainly on a roll and look forward to finishing off the season on a strong note!

Thanks to all our sponsors: Adams Performance, AEM Performance Electronics, MTC Engineering, Belo Designs LLC, HRP Fabrication, Beringer Brakes, Fragola Performance Systems, Driven Racing Oil, X-treme Graphics & Lettering, CP-Carrillo, Web Camshafts, Brock’s Performance, HDFR, Montgomery Motorsports, Ryan Schnitz Racing, and Worldwide Bearings.

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