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1 Stop Speed Year in Review


1 Stop Speed Year in Review

If you’ve followed the 1 Stop Speed team of Mike Belo & Richard Gadson throughout the 2016 race season, then you’re familiar with the “story.” But, for those of you who haven’t, here is a brief background to get you up to speed:

“At the end of the 2015 season Mike Belo of 1 Stop Speed immediately started disassembling his multi-event winning Hayabusa. With Richard Gadson at the reigns it had amassed quite a few wins (and additional wins with other riders). So, some questioned Belo’s strategy of a complete rebuild.

The newly renovated 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa would debut the 2016 season with its fair share of hiccups and a learning curve that owner and riders alike would have cared to do without. At times, it tested the limits of patience as doubts rose and a few mechanical setbacks occurred. But, by the middle of the season the bike was finally coming around and shaping up to be the “ultimate bracket bike” that Belo set out to build.”

Persistence and hard work certainly saved the season from being a potential disaster, especially considering the lackluster early season results (problems too). During the biggest IDBL event of the year (July BikeFest), the duo snuck their all-motor Adams Performance power plant into the Top Sportsman field. On Sunday Richard Gadson proceeded to weed through the competition with impressive reaction times as Belo kept the AEM Infinity controlled Hayabusa dialed in. So, at the biggest event of the year Gadson was able to win the ultra-competitive Top Sportsman class and turn the season around.

Richard Gadson Mike Belo 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa

In fact, their first win of the season would help carry them all the way to a 3rd place finish in Top Sportsman points, despite missing the first two races. However, that first win of the 2016 season certainly wouldn’t be the last. With the bike finally dialed in and the issues in their past, the 1 Stop Speed team would win one Pro ET race each at the final two IDBL events of the year. The first Pro ET win would garner them a spot in the Tournament of Champions at the season finale. This race determines the season Champion and although Gadson was unable to take that honor at the final event of the year, he did lock in his chance at it again in 2017 by winning Sunday’s Pro ET race at the Fall Nationals. “We had a slow start to the year with getting some minor issues sorted out on the bike and myself becoming adjusted to the new setup, but I couldn’t be more excited with the way we finished it off. I’m really looking forward to 2017 and I think we have a great chance at taking home a championship,” said hired gun Richard Gadson.

Richard Gadson 1 Stop SpeedWith the bike running better than ever, the team knew they wanted another race or two before calling it a season. That race would be the perfect scenario for the red-hot duo as they headed to the amazing GALOT Motorsports Park facility in late October for a $10,000 to win each day bracket race. Yes, you read that right… Bracket racers were pushed to the forefront of racing this year as numerous big money events gave the backbone of the sport plenty of chances for fat stacks of cash. This $10K bash would be the standard bearer however and Richard Gadson was up to the task.

The race allowed for double entries, so Belo set his rider up for twice the work. Turns out that was an exceptional idea, as the race dwindled down and the lights came on for Saturday night racing there were 11 bikes left in the field and “two” of the entries were Richard Gadson. With odds on their side, they were only able to bring one entry into the round of 6. With the looming payday, they threw everything they had at that pass, looking to get the infamous bye at three bikes. But, it wasn’t meant to be and the 1 Stop Speed team was stopped in their tracks. On Sunday, they found out they had an unfortunate mechanical issue which ended the weekend early.

Richard Gadson Mike Belo 1 Stop Speed Hayabusa

It was certainly a roller coaster season for the team, but one they won’t soon forget. Just a few short round wins away from championship glory and big money pay days, will only serve as motivation in the off season. “Early in the year I started to second guess myself for completely redoing the bike. Luckily I stayed with it and boy did it pay off. That bike is exactly what I set out to build, the “ultimate bracket bike” and Richard rode his ass off all year long. We finished the year off extremely strong once we got all the bugs worked out and I can’t wait until 2017,” said bike owner Mike Belo. “I also would like to add that without our sponsors none of this would be possible. Even when I struggled early in the year to get a grasp on the bike they not only stuck by me, but even stepped up. So, I can’t thank these great companies enough and 1 Stop Speed is proud to not only have their support, but also to carry their great products,” added Belo.

Look for the 1 Stop Speed team to be in multiple championship hunts during the 2017 season while flying the banners of their awesome sponsors: Adams Performance, AEM Performance Electronics, MTC Engineering, Belo Designs LLC, HRP Fabrication, Beringer Brakes, Fragola Performance Systems, Driven Racing Oil, X-treme Graphics & Lettering, CP-Carrillo, Web Camshafts, Brock’s Performance, HDFR, Montgomery Motorsports, Ryan Schnitz Racing, and Worldwide Bearings.


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