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Sometime during the 1985 season, while running in NHRA and IDBA’s ProStock class, Dave Schultz ran an 8.56 @ 151 mph on a Kawasaki H2. That record, for normally aspirated 750-850cc motorcycles, has stood for 19 years and has become the Holy Grail of small bore drag racers on both two and four stroke bikes.

Anytime H2 racers get together they talk about Dave in hushed tones and stories of his exploits, how he tuned his bikes, how much weight he was able to take off the bike, how he worked to keep his own weight down, how much he innovated, are told over and over. He is held in very high regard and his record was one that many felt would never be broken. The fact that it took 19 years to break and teams like Muzzy Performance did not come close to breaking it, is evidence that it was a Bob Beamon-ish record.

On Sunday, October 24th, 2004, Schultz’s record was officially broken on eight consecutive passes by the team of Joe Bird and Bill Baxter. The official record, certified by the PMRA, is 8.45 @ 162.8mph. PMRA Tech Official, Sandy Jones, supervised the tear down after the run and verified two backup passes during the same event.

In an interview after the race Baxter stated “Its like the old saying about beating your dad, it’s the happiest and saddest day of your life, I have been either hoping to or actually working toward breaking Dave’s record for 15 years, its something I hoped for but thought was out of reach”

When Joe Bird was asked how it feels to ride the world’s quickest NA 750cc motorcycle he said “Cool”, which is more than he has said in two years.

The Baxter-Bird team is sponsored by Lauren’s Race Engines of Hype Park New York, Purple Haze Racing in Lakewood Colorado and County Line Motorsports.

Joe Bird rider, Bill Baxter team owner, Shadd Roughbaugh team Manager

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