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2015 BAMF : Rule Changes and Open Letter


The second year of the Dragbike.con BAMF is about to kick off for 2015. But before we start making our sponsor announcements, we would like to take the time to address the many suggestions we received for 2015 rule changes.

For the past two months we have taken all suggestions through different scenarios to see how they would either impact the points calculations or how difficult it would or would not be to manage from an administrative point of view. Surprisingly many suggestions would not have effected the 2014 outcome. And some of the suggestions would dramatically change the entire premise of the Dragbike.com BAMF.

Ron Arnold
Ron Arnold  (#2 in 2014 points)

First we would like to directly speak to the smaller sanctions that have requested that they be apart of the the points program. At this time to keep the integrity of the program we have decided to not go forwarded with adding additional smaller sanctions. If we allow just one small series to enter, we have to let them all enter. And this opens up all kinds of issues that are just to numerous to discuss in an open letter. We aren’t taking the future possibility of smaller sanctions off the table. We are just putting them on the shelf for this year.

Ben Knight (#3 in 2014 Points) – Photo by David Beaver

With that being said, we want to keep the program simple and straight forward for now. Some of the ideas that were suggested we really liked but we felt like it is too soon to implement radical changes into the program. We would like to take our time and allow this program to grow organically and not risk putting it into jeopardy by making it feel biased or unevenly calculated.

But we have decided to add a bonus into this years points chase. For any class that has 8 or more rounds of competition, the winner and runner-up will receive a bonus point.

Bob Carlson
Bob Carlson (#4 in 2014 points)

The idea of the Dragbike.com BAMF came to us many years ago, but we never put it into play because of the difficulty managing and fairly assembling such a program. The Dragbike.com BAMF is something simple. Who is the best sportsman racer in the United States. Not who are the top five or top ten racers. But who is the best. Who is winning the most races in a diverse race setting. So if a sportsman racers goes to more events than others, that should mean something, the racer shouldn’t be penalized for it. The BAMF is supposed to be a different system than your typical race series. When a winner is crowned at the end of the year, you should be able to look at the numbers and see that it makes sense. No race drops, no caps on travel and no reason to argue if the right person won. So if you want to win the 2015 BAMF and all the prize money that goes with it, load up the trailer and let’s go racing.

We know Jeremy Teasley is a BAMF, are you going to let him take it two years in a row?

Jeremy Teasley – 2014 Dragbike.com BAMF Champion
So the 2015 Dragbike.com BAMF rules and information are as follows:


2015 Rules and Information

DBC-BAMF points are earned by final round appearances of any event listed within our schedule below.

In the effort to keep the point tracking simple and fair, “BAMF Points” will be awarded based on a formula that involves the type of event, event size and national recognition.

Competitors of sanctioned events listed below do not need to do anything to sign up for the program, we will automatically reward points throughout the season to winners and runner-ups at events on the DBC-BAMF schedule. At the end of the year, points will determine the DBC-BAMF Sportsman Racer of the Year.

Qualifying Events / Points


Win: 2 – R/U: 1

– All classes must have a minimum of 16 bikes to earn points for that event.
– All classes that have 8 or more rounds of competition will earn the winner and runner-up a bonus point.
– Year-end series champions also earn 4 bonus points.

AMRA (all 7 events)

TE – SG – SP – PE – SE – E – OS – HS – D

IDBL (all 5 events)

TS – C8 – 4.60 – 5.60 – PET – SET

MANUFACTURERS CUP (all 4 events)

TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET

NHDRO (all 5 events- Kil-Kare Spring opener excluded)

TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET

PMRA (all 5 events)

TG – SC – SG – SS – PET – SET

NHRA Harley-Davidson Series (10 events)


NHRA Divisional Champ and NHRA Race of Champions Winners

Win: 3 R/U: 2

Division 1 – Atco Raceway, Atco, N.J. / Sept. 17-19

Division 2 – Atlanta Dragway, Atlanta / Oct. 9-11

Division 3 – Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Indianapolis / Sept. 18-20

Division 4 – Texas Motorplex, Dallas / Sept. 25-27

Division 5 – Heartland Park Topeka, Topeka / Sept. 18-20

Division 6 – Firebird Raceway, Boise, Idaho / Sept. 4-6

Division 7 – Auto Club Dragway at Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA / Oct. 2-4

NHRA Super Pro Bike Champion

Win: 5

Track Championship

Win: 3


  • Cash Prize Total to be Announced.
  • Dragbike.com will be providing the champion with a one-of-a-kind Trophy created by COLD HARD ART


  • Participants MUST have the Dragbike.com decal on their bike to be eligible for prizes, photo proof required. E-mail us your address if you need them.
  • In the event of a tie for the top spot, we will then take into consideration the following criteria, series championship(s), event wins and how many different classes the racer has garnered points in.
  • Track Champions are responsible for emailing us notification of their championship along with proof to bamf@dragbike.com. Track points programs must be well documented all year on the track website.

Questions/Comments should be sent to bamf@dragbike.com

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