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2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 | Episode 11 – Gixzilla Advanced Trackside Tuning

Brocks Performance

Stock to Brock : 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Episode 11 – Gixzilla Advanced Trackside Tuning

After a successful 9.19@156.03 MPH initial dragstrip outing with Gixzilla, Brock makes a few changes from lessons learned and waits for Ohio’s oppressive summertime heat and humidity to subside a bit. After a few weeks of even more heat combined with rain on test day(s,) Brock decided to invite rider, Mike Davis (200 lbs./ 90.7 kg), to attend a predicted rain-free weekend at the Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA) Fall Nationals held at Maryland International Raceway (MIR) in Mechanicsville, MD – an 8 hour drive from the Brock’s Performance home base in Dayton, OH. Mike certainly wasn’t finished after his initial performance on Gixzilla, and Brock had a stack of gearing and other performance-enhancing tuning techniques and goodies to help both bike and rider go quicker and faster. The XDA crew is known for their amazing track prep and MIR’s actual elevation is only 80 ft. above sea level compared to Kil-Kare’s 803 ft. elevation. Brock’s intentions are to let Mike ride Gixzilla until he looks him in the eye and says… “That’s a fast as I can go at stock wheelbase on this bike.” Did it all work out? Find out now…

We hope you enjoy 2017 GSX-R1000 S2B: Episode 11 (P1) – Gixzilla Advanced Trackside Tuning.

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Video Time Stamps:

0:00 – Opening montage
1:14 – First pass at MIR (9.26)
1:53 – Video introduction
2:38 – Spare ECU flash changes
3:35 – Jason Miller track prep
5:08 – Modified ECU swap
6:10 – Bike and rider weight check
6:50 – First pass w/ new ECU (9.14)
7:05 – Tuck lessons w/ Brock
9:26 – Second pass w/ new ECU (9.16)
9:50 – Discussing ET and MPH results
12:26 – Additional ECU modifications
14:56 – Passes w/ tweaked ECU mods (9.11 and 9.10)
15:54 – Inspecting 160 MPH time ticket
16:52 – Missed gear on a good pass… why?
18:35 – Fine-tuning ECU changes
19:01 – Testing new ECU changes (9.24 and 9.15)
19:40 – So what did we learn today?
20:31 – Inspecting the clutch plates
23:10 – First passes the following day (9.20 and 9.08)
24:56 – Now it’s time to cheat / what’s next?

ATTENTION: The results shown in this video are NOT typical. While installing our Stock 2 Brock Performance Package and following the tips in this series will allow YOUR BIKE to perform like Gixzilla, we have no idea if YOUR RIDER has the skill required to match our results. If not practice-Practice-PRACTICE!! And remember, you can’t enjoy 100% of our performance combination if you do not follow our #stupidfast recipe 100%.

**WARNING: Chassis adjustments can alter the handling characteristics of any machine, and a lowered vehicle is more likely to experience obstacle and/or cornering clearance contact problems, so please be cautious. Additionally, some of the information and performance techniques listed in this video are advanced. Please use discretion when attempting these or any other high-performance modifications. If in doubt, always choose SAFETY FIRST and configure your bike exactly as your manufacturer suggests.**

Visit www.BrocksPerformance.com for additional information, installation instructions, information forums, and FAQ sections.

About Brock’s Performance: Brock’s Performance leads the way in sportbike innovation for acceleration addicts. From exhaust systems to wheels, this championship-winning company designs, builds and sells more than 3000 products that make it easier and safer for racers and street riders to reach record-breaking results through a never-ending process of research, development and track testing. For more information about Brock’s Performance parts, go to BrocksPerformance.com or call 937-912-0054.

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