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2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 | Episode 9 / Part 4 – Rear Ceramic Bearings and Gearing

Brocks Performance

Stock to Brock : 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Rear Ceramic Bearings and Gearing

WARNING: Some of the information and performance techniques listed in this video are advanced. Please use discretion when attempting these or any other high-performance modifications. If in doubt, always choose SAFETY FIRST and configure your bike exactly as your manufacturer suggests.

In Episode 9 (Part 4,) Brock continues ‘go fast’ modifications, this time to the rear of Gixzilla. Instead of duplicating a home garage or side of the road bearing install, Brock shows you how it’s done using professional tools and techniques.

Riddle: What is the question that has no answer… but has a definite answer?

Question: “What is the best gearing for my_____(you fill in the blank)?”

Answer: Brock touches on how to begin the quest for the perfect gearing, especially when you have no experience with the machine. Of course and as always, he addresses these issues in a non-technical manner, while also providing advanced information that makes professionals take note.

We hope you enjoy 2017 GSX-R1000 S2B: Episode 9 (P4) Drag Prep – Rear Wheel Ceramic Bearings & Gearing Changes.

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0:27 – Video introduction

1:00 – Rear wheel spin test (before)

2:08 – Removing the rear wheel

3:48 – Noting wheel spacer location

4:30 – Experienced wheel bearing installers

5:27 – Removing bearings with a bearing puller

6:20 – Properly reassembling wheel spacers

8:30 – Removing sprocket carrier bearing

9:38 – Don’t mix up front and rear bearings

10:32 – Worldwide Bearings intentionally ‘loose’

12:35 – Fixtures designed for proper bearing install

13:12 – Pressing carrier bearing with a hydraulic press

15:00 – Pressing wheel bearings with a hydraulic press

17:08 – Reinstalling sprocket carrier

18:35 – Reinstalling modified rear brake pads

19:50 – Introduction to gearing

21:48 – Using gear chart for ‘educated guessing’

24:45 – Getting as close to Christine as possible

26:45 – Are 520 chain conversions worth it for drag racing?

28:05 – Aluminum or steel for sprockets?

28:30 – Proper sprocket installation

30:00 – Reinstalling the rear wheel

31:30 – Adjusting chain tension and axle sliders

34:00 – Final tightening and sprocket inspection

34:43 – Rear wheel spin test (after)

36:11 – “BS! Chains don’t have that much drag!” – they say…


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