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2019 FHRA Nitro Nationals – Live Coverage

FHRA – European Championship
Nitro Nationals
Kauhava Airfield
July 4-7, 2019

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Nitro Nationals

Friday was a great day in Finnish acceleration history. Under four seconds, it has never been possible to reach any Finnish track. Anita Mäkelä hit the board with handsome figures of 3.987s at 489km / h at the final speed. Accelerators finally got their hopes of fulfillment. The tremendous work of the FHRA track group has now been rewarded in the best possible way. It was great that Anita Mäkelä and her team had long been waiting for the first day of sorting.

In the Top Fuel Bike group, there was a stunning pair of quadruple finishes, with four drivers driving for almost five seconds. Rikard Gustafsson from Sweden and Filippos Papafilippou from Greece took a measure of the difference between Gustafsson’s time of 5,836 and the victory of Papafilippo, who had a time of 5,865. Really tight race. The Rikard Gustafsson motorcycle finally reached a final speed of 409.61 km / h. It’s Europe’s fastest time in this group. Filippos Papafilippou Saturday was bright on the weather, and all day long, we could enjoy drag racing at its best. Anita Mäkelä continued on the well-established line and banged a new triple, 3.992 and final speed of 487km / h.

Top Fuel Bike

Winner / Filippos Papafilippou, Athens, Greece
Runner-up / Thomas Pettersson, Solderhamn, Sweden

Super Twin Bike

Winner / Harri Piensalmi, Pornainen, Finland
Runner-up / Marcus Christiansen, Hellerup, Denmark

Pro Stock Bike

Winner / Fredrick Fredlund, Mariehamn, Finland / Åland
Runner-up / Janne Koskinen, Lempäälä, Finland

Super Street Bike

Winner / Vesa Ruhanen, Taivassalo, Finland
Runner-up / Ida Zetterstöm, Jomala, Finland / Åland


LIVE COVERAGE – Day 4 | Eliminations

Award Ceremony

Final Qualifying

In Top Fuel Bike Filippos Papafilippou have set the European records on fire round after round as they have entered the 5 second zone, the first time in FIA racing history for the Top Fuel Motorcycles!

  • Gustafsson ran a best ET of 5.836 and 254.51 MPH (separate runs – both records)
  • Papfilippou ran a best ET of 5.865 and 232.47 MPH (separate runs)
  • Filippos Papfilippou holds the title for the ‘First in the 5’s for European Top Fuel Motorcycle Racing’


Click here to see all time sheets on the FHRA Forum page.

Qualifying Notes

Round Notes by Rose Hughes

Round Four – Top Qualifiers

The quickest in each class in fourth and final qualifying session: Kenneth Holmberg (Pro Stock Bike) 7.544; Harry Piensalmi (Super Twin) 6.936; Jan Sturla Hegre (Top Fuel Bike) 6.561; Vesa Ruhanen (Super Street Bike) 7.300. Fredlund, Christiansen, Gustafsson and Ruhanen low qualifiers going into eliminations tomorrow.

Round Three – Top Qualifiers

The quickest in each class this session: Fredrik Fredlund (Pro Stock Bike) 7.118; Harry Piensalmi (Super Twin) 6.754; Rikard Gustafsson (Top Fuel Bike) 5.860 at a huge 254.52mph – resetting the fastest pass in Europe again [alongside Fil Papafilippou’s 5.960]; Alex Hope (Super Street Bike) 7.227 – Fredlund, Marcus Christiansen, Gustafsson and Vesa Ruhanen remain low qualifiers after three qualifying sessions

Round Two – Top Qualifiers

Rikard Gustafsson takes over the top spot in Top Fuel Bike with a 5.836/246 with Fil also improving with 5.865!! Fredlund improves to a 7.094 in Pro Stock Bike; Martjin de Haas runs low of the session with a 6.644 in Super Twin.

Round One – Top Qualifiers

Low qualifiers after session one are Pro Stock Bike Fredrik Fredlund 7.198; Super Twin Bike Marcus Christiansen 6.425, Top Fuel Bike Fil Papafilippou 5.975, [first five-second bike pass in Finland], Super Street Bike Vesa Ruhanen 7.085.

Congratulations to Filippos Papafilippou on running the first FIVE-second European pass in Finland at the Nitro Nationals on the Gulf Oil/PUMA Engineering/King Racing Top Fuel Fuel motorcycle!


LIVE COVERAGE – Day 3 | Qualifying

LIVE COVERAGE – Day 2 | Qualifying

LIVE COVERAGE – Day 1 | Qualifying

Final Sportsman Qualifying

Click here to see all time sheets on the FHRA Forum page.

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