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2019 World Cup Finals: Pro Street Motorcycles at Import vs. Domestic Race

24th annual Haltech World Cup Finals
Import vs. Domestic presented by Wiseco Powersports
Maryland International Raceway
Oct 30 – Nov 3, 2019

Pro Street Motorcycles

After a very successful 2019 season with the Xtreme Dragbike Association (XDA), the top 10 Pro Street riders headed back to Maryland International Raceway to compete at the Haltech World Cup Finals (WCF) Import vs. Domestic race presented by Wiseco. The event produced by Jason and Chris Miller of Miller Brothers Productions, and is a must-attend event in the drag racing community.

This year 46,000 fans were in attendance, while over 2 million people watching on the Live Feed from 175 countries! This was the biggest event in WCF history, and once again the Pro Street Motorcycles were a welcome addition. For the second year, the class was sponsored by Ralphie Navarro of Platinum General Services,  who also paid the entry fees for all the riders to attend. The top ten in XDA points earned a spot to qualify for an eight bike field.

Ehren Litten
Ehren Litten on the quickest Pro Steet motorcycle in the world.

The top 10 in XDA Orient Express points included 2019 champion Jeremy Teasley, Rodney Williford, Frankie Stotz, Ehren Litten, Richard Gadson, Jordan Hasse, Chris Moore, Darion Payne, Gaige Herrera, and Jason Dunigan.  Unfortunately, for the second year in a row Gadson was unable to attend the event, so eleventh place finisher Justin Shakir was next in line to replace Gadson.

With the 10 of the quickest and fastest bikes in the world on the property, the competition for the 8 spots would be just as dramatic and pressure-packed as eliminations. After 5 rounds of qualifying that started on Thursday, DME Racing’s Jeremy Teasley took the number one qualifying spot with a 6.428 and set the class record with WCF. Rodney Williford was chasing him with a 6.506 to take the number two qualifying position, making them the favorite for a final round finish on Sunday.  Dunigan for the second year in a row qualified on the bump of the 8 bike field with at 6.776, taking Gaige Herrera and Darion Payne out of  Sunday competition.

Darion Payne
Darion Payne on the Mace Motorsports Hayabusa.

The Platinum General Services Pro Street Motorcycles were eager to break records, however, with the cooler temperatures and an event with numerous radial tires, the guys had to adjust to an entirely different track prep from what they normally find at XDA events. So they had to adjust from record-breaking tune-ups to A-to-B tunes. This wasn’t what the riders wanted to hear, but they all adjusted and prepared for Sunday eliminations.

In round one of competition, the competitors in the right lane had a real struggle to deal with as that lane just wasn’t holding their power as well as the left lane. All four competitors blew away the tire at the starting line to send left lane competitors, Teasley, Moore, Haase, and Stotz to round two of competition. Stotz was lucky Shakir had problems because the little honda went airborne at half-track to show off Frankie’s riding ability to recover. Check out the pass in the video below.

In round two it was a battle of the liter bikes, and WCF advocate Jordan Haase on the only Hayabusa left in the competition. Teasley drove away from Moore running a 6.542 to his 6.941 making them the two fastest runs of the session.  Jordan Haase had problems leaving the line in the right lane allowing Stotz to make an easy pass running 7.462.

In the final round, Frankie Stotz had issues keeping his bike running in the water box and was timed out by officials allowing Teasley to make a pass to take the win. However, the DME Racing team waited for Stotz who ultimately was unable to complete a proper burnout. Frankie did what he could to get the bike in the beams, and while he gave the run his best, it was no match for Teasley’s 6.565 at 219mph run.




ROUND 1 Eliminations

Driver RT ET MPH
WIN JEREMY TEASLEY .053 6.460 221.34
JASON DUNIGAN -.017 9.268 87.04
WIN CHRIS MOORE .108 6.894 203.19
EHREN LITTEN .080 14.621 61.12
WIN JORDAN HAASE .011 6.915 203.77
WIN FRANKIE STOTZ .099 6.788 203.58


ROUND 2 Eliminations

WIN JEREMY TEASLEY .120 6.542 201.76
CHRIS MOORE .059 6.941 195.25
WIN FRANKIE STOTZ .068 7.462 126.44
JORDAN HAASE .111 15.374 48.26

FINAL Eliminations

WIN JEREMY TEASLEY .065 6.565 219.58
FRANKIE STOTZ .094 9.776 144.49


CLICK HERE to watch all the LIVE FEED Coverage of the event by SpeedVideo.com


Pos Number Driver Vehicle ET MPH
1 2949 JEREMY TEASLEY 06 SUZUKI 6.428 228.19
2 24 RODNEY WILLIFORD 19 HAYABUSA 6.506 219.29
3 416 FRANKIE STOTZ 06 HONDA 6.580 212.13
4 719 EHREN LITTEN 19 SUZUKI 6.598 225.97
5 3001 CHRIS MOORE 08 SUZUKI 6.615 216.90
6 7 JUSTIN SHAKIR 15 HAYABUSA 6.654 223.84
7 2253 JORDAN HAASE 19 HAYABUSA 6.719 226.24
8 99 JASON DUNIGAN 15 SUZUKI 6.776 213.27
9 702 GAIGE HERRERA 05 HAYABUSA 6.859 202.18
10 931 DARION PAYNE 18 HAYABUSA 6.940 208.39


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