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2022 MotorcycleMania Returning to Eddyville 8/12-14

Trick Tools

Trick-Tools MotorcycleMania
Eddyville Raceway Park, Iowa, USA
August 12-14, 2022

MotorcycleMania Returning to Eddyville

Emerging out of Iowa’s tall, August cornfields, they come to compete. Not just baseball players on fields of dreams, but the nation’s best motorcycle drag racers on Eddyville Raceway Park’s rural eighth mile of acceleration action.

Last year’s inaugural Trick-Tools MotorcycleMania exceeded all expectations of excitement and good times, and the event is back to overwhelm and entertain on August 12-14.

Friday is test and tune, followed by two full days of intense two-wheel racing. All classes will qualify and eliminate on each day—that’s two full races in one weekend. “Makes it worth the drive,” said Trick-Tools’ boss Bruce Van Sant, who will also be among those donning leathers and hurtling towards the finsihline. “It’s something we racers don’t get to do very often, but it’s pretty common at Eddyville.”

Van Sant, Eddyville owner Gerald Kramer, and Cornbelt Dragbike Association promoter Kelly Hefner have partnered up to produce one of the biggest and most diverse slates of classes in all of motorcycle drag racing.

Rally at the Valley No Box and Box bracket classes will run separately until champions in each will face off for one big winner. $2000 to win, $800 runner-up, $75 per round won starting with round 3 win up to finals (with minimum of 40 entries)—EACH DAY!

Grothus Dragbikes 4.60 Index is an all-run class laddered by qualifying. The best 4.60 racers in the nation will be hustling nitrous-huffing or turbocharged two wheel beasts to the eighth mile stripe in the world’s quickest motorcycle index class. $2000 to win, $800 runner-up, $200 semis, $200 entry, all run, laddered by qualifying—EACH DAY!

Schnitz Racing Top Gas 5.10, R/J Performance Super Comp 5.60, Certified Auto Sales Super Gas 6.00 are all-run index classes, laddered by qualifying, all pay $1000 to win, $400 runner-up, $100 semis for $100 entry—EACH DAY! 10 bike minimum entries for full payout in all index classes.

The Cycle Shop Outlaw No-Bar Grudge class is heads-up, clocks off, and features anything with no wheelie bar. Pays $1000 win, $400 runner-up, $100 entry.

Street ET bracket class with no wheelie bars and no delay boxes.

Nostalgia Bike bracket class for bikes 30 years old and older, with no slider clutches, no delay boxes, wheelie bars allowed.

Entry Fees per day for Street ET and Nostalgia classes: $50 with $20 buy-backs and pays back 80% of entry fees.

Khrome Werks V-Twin Street Bagger, 187 Custom Cycles V-Twin Pro Bagger, A1 Cycles V-Twin Outlaw Bagger, and Digs Rod Shop Pro Cruiser classes mean that if you bring a Harley-Davidson, there will be a place for you to race.

Pro Cruiser, Street Bagger, and Pro Bagger pay $1000 to win, $250 runner-up. Outlaw Bagger pays $1250 to win, $250 runner-up.

Check out Corn Belt Dragbike Association for all rules on V-Twin classes at https://www.facebook.com/KellyHefner767

And again…it can’t be emphasized enough…all of these classes qualify and race each day!

Expect to see drag racing studs Chase Van Sant, Preston Younie, Terrence Washington, Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson, Marc Fricke, Kenny Schwartz, Spencer Spitzmiller, the Wagner Family, Jim Brustman, Turtle Cole, Victor Gotay, Dwayne Gee, Reggie “Hamma” Elliott, Jason Crisp, Joe and Tom Klemme, Jeremy Williamson, Bruce Damewood, Mike Dunn, Tom Ewig, David Primrose, Josh DeMoss, Bill Baker, Yan Levit, Brian Moody, Jeremy Murphy, Eduardo Barrios, Don Chavous, Greg Mallett, Jarron Christianson, Country Boy, Dylan Klinghagen, David Ellenbecker, Skyler Goepfert, Elvis Kurtovic, Carlos de la Cruz, Janie Palm, Scott Tomsu, Keith Evans, Dave Cartwright, Crystal Lynch and many more.

Spectators and crew passes: Friday $10, Saturday $15, Sunday $15, Weekend pass $30

Friday Gates open at 5pm, test and tune 6.30 to 9.30pm

Saturday Gates open at 10am Time Trials at 1pm, eliminations follow.

Sunday Gates open at 8am, one time trial at 9am, eliminations follow.

Contact Gerald Kramer (eddyvilleraceway@hotmail.com)for event info and Kelly Hefner (kbhefner@gmail.com) for V-twin class details.

Eddyville Raceway Park is thrilled to host the biggest motorcycle-only drag race in this part of the country since this time last year, and you gotta be there!

MotorcycleMania thanks Trick-Tools, Grothus Dragbikes, Schnitz Racing, R/J Performance, Certified Auto Sales, The Cycle Shop, Khrome Werks, 187 Custom Cycles, A1 Cycles, Digs Rod Shop, Cornbelt Dragbike Association, and Eddyville Raceway Park.

This report was prepared by Tim Hailey.

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