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2022 Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout | Pacific Division 7

NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Racing Series
Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout
The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Pacific Division 7 – February 26, 2022

2022 Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout

by Kirk Walton / Photos by Bob Johnson Photography

This year’s Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was held on February 26, 2022. Kahea Wood does a great job of getting it put all together with promotion, sponsorship and overall just putting together a good time for everyone.

The weather was a bit chilly for the locals but really nice for those getting out of the snow. High 50’s with a 5-15mph wind. We had 49 bikes/sleds make the race. There were competitors from nine states with Jason Clampitt winning the “longest tow” award travelling from Minnesota. He received $100 from Specialized Chimney Repair. Unofficially, a few of the other racers chipped in as well.

There were two qualifying rounds before eliminations to set the ladder. Based on reaction time and utilizing both the full and pro tree split in eliminations but done in separate groups in qualifying. Gary Stoffer, Gardenville, NV and Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT both had .001 reaction times in qualifying but Stoffer got it first round. He gets the #1 qualifier prize of a Head Porting job from Performance Cycle. Chris Ragan gets $100 from Worldwide Bearings for being #7. Larry Mota, Orem, UT was the #19 qualifier and gets $100 from Robinson Industries. I am not supposed to say who the last qualifier was but he is from Northern California has an orange drag bike and his name rhymes with Cycle O’Peel gets $100 from Barrera Motor Works.


  1. Gary Stoffer, Gardenville, NV / ’85 Suzuki/ .001
  2. Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT / ’95 Suzuki GSXR / .001
  3. Anthony Vanetti, Reno, NV / ’00 Suzuki / .003
  4. Jason Clampitt, Circle Pines, MN / Kawasaki Z1-R / .004
  5. Kahea Woods-Las Vegas, NV / ’95 Suzuki GSXR / .004
  6. Morgan Rider-Kearns, UT / Kawasaki ZX-14R/ .008
  7. Chris Ragan, Las Vegas, NV / ’04 Hayabusa / .009
  8. Roy Barrera, Jr-Meridian, ID / ’14 ZX-14R / .009
  9. Terry Turner, Bakersfield, CA / .011
  10. Noah Penright, Rialto, CA / ’00 Suzuki / .011
Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout
Gary Stoffer was #1 Qualifier with a .001

First Round winners

Matt Fredericks, Stansbury Park, UT defeated Lonnie Woodruff, Pahrump, NV.

Paul Vaughn, Emmett, ID defeated Brian Howley, Lemoore, CA.

Jeff Durfey, West Jordan, UT defeated Sean Hagerty, West Jordan, UT.

Sean Conner, Boulder City, NV defeated Ken Giles, West Valley City, UT.

Anthony Vanetti, Reno, NV defeated Jeremy March, Flagstaff, AZ.

Tracy Giles, Salt Lake City, UT defeated La Verk Harper, Fontana, CA.

Aaron Pine, La Mirada, CA defeated Dan Clifton, Las Vegas, NV.

Roy Barrera, Jr., Meridian, ID defeated Ken Russell, Los Angeles, CA.

David Phillips, Las Vegas, NV defeated Terry Turner, Bakersfield, CA.

Gary Oaks, Las Vegas, NV defeated Larry Mota, Orem, UT.

Wayne Taylor, Fairfield, UT defeated Noah Penright, Rialto, CA.

Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT defeated Craig Jensen, Plain City, UT.

Tom Medlin, La Mirada, CA defeated Leo Shaver, Las Vegas, NV.

Dave Miller, Whittier, CA defeated Gregory Victor Williams, Los Angeles, CA.

Kahea Woods, Las Vegas, NV defeated Roy Barrera, Sr., Boise, ID.

Paul Silvas, Bakersfield, CA defeated Kay Dickey, Midvale, UT.

Mike Pinkston, Magna, UT defeated Dominic Davis, Fallon, NV.

“Big Bruce” Lee, Los Angeles, CA defeated Jason Clampitt, Circle Pines, MN.

Mike Cragun, West Jordan, UT defeated Drew Martin, Roseburg, OR.

Chris Ragan, Las Vegas, NV defeated Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, UT

David “Wheels” Wheeler, Murray, UT defeated Jesse May, Homedale, ID.

Mo Rider, Kearns, UT defeated Scott Smith, Denver, CO.

David Trost, Rock Springs, WY defeated Michael O’Neil, Sacramento, CA.

Jeremy Bates, Vineyard, UT defeated Aundrea Wilcox, Wildomar, CA.

Gary Stoffer, Gardenville, NV with the bye run.

Special awards for the first round included the “First Bag of Doughnuts” to the first racer with a perfect reaction time in eliminations. Roy Barrera, Jr. picked up a $100 from Clayton Howey for his perfect light. Then later in the first round, Tom Medlin did it too! Gary Stoffer of SEI also gave him $100 bonus. Both also picked up $100 each from Liguori Drag Racing for the best first-round light.

Roy Barrera, Sr had the best-losing package and gets $100 from Web Camshafts.
Dominic Davis gets $100 from APE for the worst reaction time of the round.
Ken Giles gets the closest losing margin of victory and $100 from May Enterprises.
Gary Oaks got $100 from Barrera Motor Works. The prize was supposed to be for the first .022 reaction time but since nobody got it they went with Oaks’ .122 in the first round. It was in honor of the 22 veterans that take their life every day. Thanks to Roy for the prize and mostly the reminder.

Kirk Walton got $100 from SEI for the “worst knuckle-headed loss”, so a personal thanks to Gary and Karen Stoffer for that!

Second Round

In the second round, it seemed like it was a local pair racing each other each race.

Wayne Taylor on his ’00 Thundercat snowmobile ran dead on with a 10.087 at 124.98mph to take out Dave “Wheels” Wheeler who ran a 8.947 at 148.82 on the 8.88 dial.

Paul Silvas on his Ducati won when David Trost fouled out.

Matt Fredericks took out Kahea Woods running dead on with a 2 on his 9.28 dial to Woods 8.645 on the 8.60.

Mo Rider won when Mike Pinkston broke out by just .001 running 8.939 at 141.13mph to Mo’s 8.898 at 150.30mph on the 8.88.

Rick Newport took the bye run at 8.133 at 164.01mph on the 8.13.

Chris Ragan beat Gary Oaks by running a 9.157 at 134.34mph (9.10) to Oaks 8.859 at 147.94mph on the 8.75 dial.

David Phillips on the ’07 Harley took out Sean Conner on the ’95 GSXR running 13.985 at 90.21mph on the 13.94 to 9.269 at 130.17 on the 9.05 dial in time.

Mike Cragun used a big reaction time advantage to beat Paul Vaughn’s snowmobile (’96 Polaris) running 10.377 at 120.64mph on the 10.30 to a breakout time of 9.494 at 132.61mph on the 9.53 dial.

Dave Miller also had a big reaction time advantage over Big Bruce Lee and ran 8.208 at 143.73mph on the 8.13. Lee ran 9.029 at 139.62mph on his 8.95 dial.

Jeff Durfey on the ’80 Kawasaki took out Tracy Giles on the ’15 Kawasaki when Giles couldn’t get close to his number. Both riders coasted through the line slowly.

Aaron Pine advanced over Gary Stoffer by a redlight. Pine ran it through anyway and ran 8.206 at 161.40mph on the 8.19.

Tom Medlin also won by a redlight over Roy Barrera, Jr. He ran it out to go dead on at 8.174 at 162.33mph.

Anthony Vanetti beat Jeremy Bates when Bates wasn’t in first gear. Vanetti let off running 8.521 at 158.45. Bates ran 10.163 @134.71 on the 9.42.

Prize winners for the second round were $100 from Liguori Drag Racing to Kahea Woods for best reaction time (.014). He also got the best losing time in the 2nd round and picked up another $100 from Liguori Drag Racing. The worst reaction time to Jeremy Bates but gets $100 from APE. Matt Fredericks gets $100 from Clayton Howey for taking out last race winner, Kahea Woods.

Round 3

Chris Ragan won when Paul Silvas redlighted by -.055, Ragan ran a 9.163 at 147.887 on the 9.10, Silvas ran it out too at 9.385 at 144.12mph on the 9.35.

Jeff Durfey also won by a redlight by Matt Fredericks (-.037). Durfey ran it out to a 9.148 at 143.67mph on the 9.15.

Wayne Taylor took the win over Dave Miller when Miller slowed way down. Taylor ran a 10.097 at 120.49mph on his 10.08 dial. Miller slowed to a 11.411 at 93.79 mph (8.13).

Mike Cragun gave up a bit at the light (.036 vs .029) to Mo Rider but ran closer to his dial of 10.31 with a 10.342 at 120.25 to Rider’s 8.940 at 143.67mph on the 8.88.

Aaron Pine and Tom Medlin were close off the line (.041 vs .043) and Pine ran closer to his dial of 8.20, running 8.219 at 156.73mph to Medlin’s 8.197 at 162.41mph on the 8.16.

Rick Newport was behind at the start against David Phillips (.009 vs. .062) but Phillips broke out by .001 running the 13.919 at 91.08mph on the 13.92 to Newport’s 8.158 at 163.59mph on the 8.11.

Anthony Vanetti had the bye run and just coasted through the line.

David Phillips had the best reaction time of the round (.009) and gets $100 from Robinson Industries. Tom Medlin gets $10 from Go Fast Bike Parts for the best losing package.


Chris Ragan had a big advantage over Anthony Vanetti (.098 vs .214) on reaction time and coasted through for the win with a 9.286 at 127.01mph on the 9.10 dial. Vanetti ran 8.338 at 162.78 n the 8.03 dial.

Aaron Pine was a bit behind in reaction time to Jeff Durfey (.021 vs .003) but made up for it at the top end running a 8.324 at 152.11mph (8.20) to Durfey’s 9.309 at 133.08mph on the 9.14 dial in time.

Rick Newport won by a redlight by Mike Cragun (-.025). He ran it out to 8.114 at 165.35mph on the 8.13.

Wayne Taylor got the bye into the semifinals. He dialed a 10.08 and ran 10.059 at 125.69mph.

Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout
Wayne Taylor was the highest finishing snowmobile with the semifinal appearance.

Thankfully the next two rounds didn’t have a red light determine a race. After the race, the LVMS crew checked the rollout since there was a bunch of redlights in the left lane in all classes. It seemed a bracket came loose and put it off just that much. LVMS was very apologetic about the problem during the race. It took a few hours of fixing overnight to get it corrected. I know it sucks for those affected but at least the track took responsibility and fixed it for the next racing Sunday morning.

Jeff Durfey got both $100 prizes from Worldwide Bearings for best reaction time of the round (.003) and $100 from Web Camshafts for best losing package.


Wayne Taylor ended up breaking out after a bad light (.127 vs .024) against Rick Newport. Taylor ran a 9.94 at 126.72mph on the 10.06 dial in time. Newport ran 8.160 at 154.95mph on the 8.12 dial.

Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout
Chris Ragan had his best-ever bracket race finish getting to the semifinals (near lane) against Aaron Pine (far lane).

Aaron Pine had a smaller advantage (.021 vs .055) against Chris Ragan. He won with a 8.270 at 156.43mph on the 8.20. Ragan ran a 9.219 at 149.15mph on the 9.16.


Rick Newport got the reaction time lead (.018 vs .038) against Aaron Pine and took it all the way through for the win. He ran 8.181 at 159.16 on his 8.15 dial to Pine’s 8.241 at 161.02mph on this 8.21 dial in time.

Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout
Rick Newport (near lane) defeated Aaron Pine in the final.

Congratulations to Rick Newport for the win! He also gets an NHRA “Wally” since it was the yearly race for the local racers.

Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout

Other awards

  • The highest finishing fuel-injected bike was Chris Ragan and gets $100 from Go Fast Bike Parts.
  • The highest finishing Fuel Tech Bike was Dave Miller and gets $100 from Liguori Drag Racing.
  • The fastest MPH of the event got $100 from Larry McBride and went to Anthony Vanetti (165.94mph).
  • The Quickest ET of the event was Rick Newport (8.128) and also gets $100 from Larry McBride.
  • The best appearing bike goes to Mo Rider and gets $100 from BPM Racing.
Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout
Best Appearing Bike of Mo Rider

There were also product giveaways from Lucas Oil, cash giveaways in the raffle from Liguori Drag Racing, SEI, and Road Kill Grill provided free BBQ all day long for everyone.

Thanks again for Kahea Woods for setting up this race! Thanks for all the staff and crew at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Jeff Foster heading up the great group. Thanks for all the sponsors whose support means more than the prizes you gave out. Thanks to Bob Johnson Photography for the photo coverage, pictures are available on his website at https://bobjohnson.zenfolio.com/p50039952.

And most of all thanks to all the racers and crews for making the trip and making the race a lot of fun!

Kirk Walton
#7151 SMC

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