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2022 Suzuki Hayabusa’s MODIFIED 1600cc Engine MAKES 274HP!

Brentuning Moto tuned 650ib’ 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa and it produced 274HP on their dyno!

Check out the start of this bikes modification on his YouTube Channel and learn how you can win a bike below!


650ib is BUILDING & GIVING AWAY A NEW 2023 BMW S 1000 RR!

650ib has given away 12 bikes so far and now he has purchased a brand new 2023 BMW S 1000 RR. We’ll install custom parts onto the bike and improve it’s performance. All you have to do is choose a reward level, support the New Bike Build Series and you’ll have access to ALL of our Patreon Benefits!

Learn more at https://www.patreon.com/650ib

What is this?
This is a Patreon funded project. Those who pledge money to support it will gain access to Patron only posts, polls, and live streams where we will talk about the project and discuss what parts to add to the bike. We will also decide which bike to work on next!

How does it Work?
As a Patron of the series you are pledging money that will be used to fund this project. As a Patron you will ONLY be charged when a paid episode is posted on the Patreon site. We’re looking forward to releasing 8-10 videos per month until the bikes are completed.

How will you be charged?
Patrons will be charged at the end of each month based on the amount they chose to pledge. For example, if you were pledging $10 per episode and I created 5 paid post in a month, then you would be charged one time at the end of the month for a total of $50.

What happens to the bike once completed?
Once the bikes are completed and the New Bike Build Series is over, one of the 650ib FANS’ will be selected from our ‘fan list’ and will be given the bike…for FREE! Patrons are automatically added to the fan list. 650ib’s New Bike Build Series Official Rules: This is a Patron funded project. Patrons are pledging money to support, be a part of the series and the content being created. Once the winner is selected and contacts us, he/she must agree to sign all title and licensing documents in front of (or stamped by) a notary when transferring ownership of the motorcycle. The new owner also agree to pay the taxes and fees within their state when registering and taking over ownership of the motorcycle.

Fans of 650ib’s New Bike Build Series can show your support and get added to the ‘Fan List’ for FREE by emailing 650ib001@gmail.com with your name, address and phone number. No purchase necessary to enter.

About 650ib

650ib is the online pseudonym of a popular motorcycle enthusiast and vlogger known for his YouTube channel. His real name is typically not disclosed publicly. 650ib gained a significant following by sharing his experiences with various high-performance motorcycles and documenting his rides, modifications, and track days. He often provides detailed reviews and commentary on the bikes he owns and tests and engages in friendly rivalries with other motorcycle vloggers. While 650ib’s channel primarily focuses on motorcycles, he occasionally shares other content related to his personal life and interests.

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