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2023 AMRA Racing Review Book Now On Sale

2023 AMRA Review Book by Tom McCarthy

2023 AMRA Racing Review Book

A new book from Tom McCarthy Photography!
Attention in the pits: The 2023 AMRA Racing Review will soon be available through Tom McCarthy, the official AMRA photographer for the sanction. This 36 page perfect bound book, will feature 36 images, 8×12,” stuffed into this 8×12” landscape presentation publication.
The book is a soft-cover glossy, HD-UV coated, front and rear exterior, featuring high quality bright white paper interior pages. All color photos, cover to cover, are of AMRA racing action at its best from the 2023 season. 36 Color images, for the price of less than two 8×10” photo prints. Most importantly, this is not only a great keep-sake of the historic 2023, AMRA season, but the memories captured are priceless.
2023 AMRA Review Book by Tom McCarthy
All 15 of the AMRA 2023 champions are up front leading this publication. One of the most powerful Top Fuel motorcycles on the planet grace the cover. Once inside, you’ll see a photo depicting what motorcycle drag racing is all about – in one photo: A stunning capture of The Rockstone, like you’ve rarely ever seen him before, right inside the front cover.

Deeper inside the pages you’ll find over a dozen 8×12” images of some of the best racing, people portraits and competition action, from the lens of Tom McCarthy Photography. The portraits, the people, the racing from 2023; it’s all in this book. A condensed look back at the AMRA, 2023 season.

2023 AMRA Review Book by Tom McCarthy
This is a true limited edition, only 100 units will be sold commemorating the 2023 season.
The cost of each book is $30 USD, + $5 S&H.

Email bigft5131@gmail.com with your mailing address to place your order.

Thank you,

Tom McCarthy Photography

2023 AMRA Review Book by Tom McCarthy

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