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2023 Willis Racing 2K Shootout at Worldwide Technology Raceway

Willis Racing

Willis Racing Super Pro Bike Shootout
Worldwide Technology Raceway
May 13, 2023

2023 Willis Racing 2K Shootout

Willis Racing is putting on a 2K Shootout in conjunction with Carl’s 4 Wheel Drive & Performance Center E.T. Bracket Series Points Program at Worldwide Technology Raceway on May 13, 2023. The Shootout will feature a 32-bike laddered field and pay out an additional $1,200 to the runner-up and semi-final finishers.

Charles Willis and Janie Palm make up Willis Racing and have been staples at Worldwide Technology Raceway for over 20 years. They support a variety of classes year after year and regularly give back to their fellow racers.

Willis Racing Shootout

This event also features a Super Pro Bike class, and for those bikers that like to run with the cars, you can also enter the pro car and super pro car classes. Click here to get more details about the event.


  • 32 Bike Field
  • $2,000 Winner
  • $1,000 Runner up
  • $100 Semis
  • Pro Bike Rules
  • No Buybacks
  • Laddered off final time trial (best light)
  • Pro Ladder
  • Allowed to switch bikes if you break

Willis Racing Shootout


PLEASE NOTE: due to Midnight Madness scheduled on Friday Night, entry will not be permitted until Midnight Madness starts to wind down. Pit Pay Only Access Overnight
8:00 PM – Stacking on West Road
10:30 PM – Racers Entry Permitted (or when gate slows down)

7:00 AM – Pit Gate Open for New Arrivals
10:00 AM – Open Time Trials (not called in rotation, no limit on runs)
12:00 PM – Time Trial/Optional RFTM (Jr. T, Jr. L, Pro, Bike, S/Pro, Sptm)
1:30 PM – Begin Eliminations


  • Janie Palm
  • Charles Willis Sr
  • Rob Helm
  • Nick Stewart
  • Dale Stewart
  • Burt Dixon
  • Joshua Meacham
  • Amir Brandy
  • Bj Evans
  • Sara Lynn
  • Scott Leonard
  • Mark Abrams
  • Turtle Cole
  • Kurt Clark
  • Deandre Lewis
  • Phill Humphrey
  • Chris Hunter
  • Zach Hunter
  • Steve Erdenberger
  • Dave Fortune
  • Darrick Gordon
  • Tom Klemme
  • Joe Klemme
  • Ken Schwartz
  • Brandon Childress
  • TJ Barnard
  • Marcus Taylor
  • Little Marcus
  • Tremaine Williams
  • Bob Moran
  • Brandon Burgett
  • Jeremy England


  • Tyler Fisher
  • Dalton Markham
  • Rob Linders
  • Ondre Teague

Willis Racing Shootout


Sponsors are putting up cash, product certificates, random draw giveaway prizes, as well as prizes for twenty different awards:

  • #1 Qualifier
  • #32 Qualifier
  • Best Loosing Package Race
  • Best Winning Package Race
  • Top MPH Race
  • Quickest ET Race
  • THC Going the Farthest
  • Biggest Holeshot Win Race
  • Giant Slayer (Take out Tom Klemme)
  • Closest Back to Back ET Race
  • Heads up Dial Ins – Winner
  • Sandbagger (Biggest Breakout Win) Race
  • Best winning package 1st Round
  • Best Light 1st Round
  • Best Light 2nd Round
  • Worst Light 1st Round
  • Worst Light 2nd Round
  • Street Bike to make it the farthest
  • Best Loosing Package Quarters
  • Best Loosing Package Semis
Giant Slayer (Take out Tom Klemme)
Giant Slayer (Take out Tom Klemme)


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