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2024 Pro Bike & Sled Schedule | PBSS


2024 Pro Modified Racing Association, Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and Pro Bike & Sled Schedule

PMRA and NEOPMA Renew Partnership at Empire Dragway

The Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA), the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and the Pro Bike and Sled Series (PBSS) are pleased to announce the confirmation of four race dates on the 2024 calendar.

The self-governing organizations of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) and the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA) are excited to announce the renewal of their partnership for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Challenge events at Empire Dragway in Leicester, NY, for 2024.

The PMRA/NEOPMA, Quick 32 Sportsman Series and Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS) will compete at the eighth-mile track on June 21-22, 2024 and August 16-17, 2024.  The Quick 32 Sportsman Series and Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS) are also scheduled for June 7-8, 2024 and September 13-14, 2024.

Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS) at Empire Dragway (eighth-mile track)

  • June 21-22
  • August 16-17
  • June 7-8
  • September 13-14

“We are excited to be back working with John Mazzorana of the NEOPMA and Jerry Scaccia at Empire Dragway and their respective teams,” said Bruce Mehlenbacher, Director of Operations for the Series. “This year will mark the return of the Quick 32 Sportsman Series and the Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS) as support series to both Pro Modified events, and we have added two additional events for the Quick 32 Sportsman Series and the Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS), one at the beginning of the season and one at the end,” he continued. “Both series drew first-class teams from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, as well as Ontario last year.”

“The alliance between NEOPMA and PMRA exceeded our expectations by bringing some of the fastest, nicest drivers to many of our events, especially Empire Dragway,” stated John Mazzorana, President of the NEOPMA.  “At the Empire events, the stands were full of enthusiastic fans who appreciated world-renowned racers from the USA, including John Camp, one of the fastest Pro Chargers, Mike Decker Jr., two-time NEOPMA Champion, Mike “ Hollywood “ Decker, Matt Deitsch Jr., one of the fastest nitrous cars in the USA, Tom Gray’s Undertaker, last year’s Empire winner, the Hard Racing Team, the Pilot/King/Miller team, Andy Jensen, Todd Moyer/Carl Stevens world’s fastest Pro Mod, Fred Scriba, another one of the top ten nitrous cars, Melanie Salemi, world’s fastest female Pro Mod racer, Dave Texido, Derek Ward, 2023 NEOPMA Champion and many more.”

“Our Canadian brothers brought an outstanding array of amazing, fast, and competitive cars to run over the American teams, like Spencer Hyde, winner of the $100,000 World Series, Kenny Lang of NHRA fame, Al Martorino, Jay Santos, the Smokies Garage team, which is a killer fast car and many more. As our alliance grows, we expect even bigger, faster fields and events. In my opinion, Empire Dragway is one of the top ten tracks in the country, with a great, smooth surface, the longest shutdown, super track prep and warm, hospitable staff. The NEOPMA and PMRA agree that this is one of our favourite facilities. We can’t wait to return to Empire our guys love it.”

“The alliance between the NEOPMA and PMRA works well for Empire.  We have an excellent field of Pro Modified teams every year,” said Jerry Scaccia of Empire Dragway.  “The addition of the Quick 32 Sportsman Series as a support series for those events adds a great deal to the overall event.  The Quick 32 Sportsman Series and the Pro Bike & Sled Series have been a welcome addition to our racers.  So much so that we have included them at four events this season,” he added.

“We intend to assist the events with marketing and public relations through the PMRA on both sides of the border.  This should result in sponsor support for the Series, the track and our teams, and increase spectator and racer attendance,” Mehlenbacher stated.

Visit the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association at neoutlawpromods.com, the Pro Modified Racing Association at facebook.com/promodifiedracing and the Empire Dragway at EmpireDragway.com for more information and event updates.


Founded in Cayuga, Ontario, in 2005 by Bruce Mehlenbacher, the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA) has become one of the strongest Pro Modified drag racing series in this popular class.  It features a solid contingent of teams at some of the best facilities in Eastern Canada and the United States.

Featuring Pro Modified cars, often referred to as “door-slammers,” and turning speeds of over 200 mph in the eighth mile, Pro Modifieds are the fastest class of drag cars with working doors. Pro Modifieds are purpose-built race cars cloaked in replica street car bodies and range in style from the 1930s to the present day.

The PMRA has been a significant player in the Pro Modified ranks and has produced some of the best racing in North America, with top cars and drivers doing battle on drag strips in Ontario, Quebec, New York, Michigan, and Maryland.



The Quick 32 Sportsman Series was established in 2009 for high-horsepower Sportsman class teams to compete on a special event basis. The Series comprises Top Sportsman, or “door” cars (full-bodied, full-fendered cars) and Top Dragsters.

The name “Quick 32” denotes 32 qualified teams, 16 entries in the Dragster class and 16 entries in the Sportsman class. The race format is such that cars must qualify for a 16-car elimination field for each class, should there be more than 16 entered in competition.

The unique race format pits Dragsters versus Dragsters and Sportsman cars versus Sportsman cars.  There are two sets of eliminations, the first being one for each class.  Secondly, the winning Top Dragster entry faces off with the winning Top Sportsman entry to determine the overall event champion. Competitors must race within a dialed-in, indexed racing environment using the full lighting system on the starting Christmas Tree.



The Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS) was organized early in 2011.  It was established for motorcycle and snowmobile drag racing teams to compete regularly in an organized and professional racing environment.

The Series is comprises a qualified field of 16 quick motorcycles and snowmobiles and presents the best in E.T. style, dialed-in drag racing.  This Series competes on a Sportsman ladder. The maximum dial-in is 6.50 seconds for the eighth mile.  Contestants race in the five-second range at speeds reaching 150 mph and above.

Competitors in this exciting Series adhere to the technical and safety rules as outlined by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and the World Drag Racing Alliance (WDRA).

Visit the Pro Bike and Sled Series (PBSS) at https://www.facebook.com/probikeandsledseries and the Empire Dragway at EmpireDragway.com for more information and event updates.

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