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Afterhours Racing First Annual Shootout

MAY 2, 2004 (SUNDAY)

Afterhours Racing was created out of a passion for motorcycle racing by Bob “Pops” Casanares and his son Bob “Big Rob” Casanares. For years, they traveled to various racetracks in Southern California and patiently waited for their turn to race. It was always the same, the cars seemed to received more attention and respect than the bikes. Many times car lanes were given additional runs before bikes were allowed to run. The programs seemed to be al about equal divisions for cars while the motorcycles were thrown together in a mismatch arrangement. It was like motorcycle racers were the “Red Headed Step Child” of the industry.

“Pops” and “Big Rob” believed that if the “Race Officianados” could see the true spirit of the motorcycle racer, they would understand and begin to accept motorcycle racing as a real part of drag racing. They believed that given the opportunity, motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life and from miles around would show up at the track just for the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush as they throttle their machines down the track.

That’s how this event came to being. Afterhours Racing, in conjunction with Irwindale Raceway, has secured three dates for drag racing at Irwindale Raceway. The first meet will be on Sunday May 2nd, the second meet will be on Sunday August 1st and the third date will be on November 13th.

On May 2, a new era will begin in Southern California drag racing. After Hours Racing will showcase “Heads Up” racing for street bikes on the track and take it off the streets. That’s right! Heads up racing, no index, no break outs, no sand bagging, and best of all, no tickets. Just good “old fashioned racing.” No longer do you need to mortgage the house to enjoy heads up racing. Streetbike Shootout classes will all be run on street motorcycles, on D.O.T. tires and a stock wheelbase. Any modifications will be allowed and all bikes will be classed according to displacement.

A big thank you goes out to Gene Bergstrom, Director of Operations at Irwindale, for believing in our concept and giving Afterhours Racing the opportunity to make this event happen. Gene and his entire staff do a great job and their excitement in theses past few weeks has been overwhelming.

Remember, these are motorcycle only race days. There will be a class for most every motorcycle, from the beginner to the experience and serious racer. There is even a Harley Davidson division that will allow the stock Harleys to run heads up.

The enthusiasm has been great. On the Harley side, you have Life Style Cycles on board as a major sponsor. Life Style Cycles is located in Anaheim California and produces some of the hottest custom Harley Davidson bikes around. Jr. Skolnick has been very instrumental in helping to organize the Harley Davidson division for the event. Jr. almost convinced me to sell my GXSR 1100 and buy a custom Harley, but then my wife said nto before she gets hers. A.P.E. Motorcycle Racing Parts is sponsoring the 60” shootout. According to Jay, “it’s all about the motor. This race is definitely “all about the motor.” No nos, no turbos, just motor and riding skills.

A.P.E. Racing Products is located in Burbank California. Parts Unlimited in Stanton California will be sponsoring the Stunt Riding competition and the import bike show. Jimmy has threaten to take on all comers, but first he has to build a bike, seems Darwin sold his Hyabusa last month and left him walking.

Parts Unlimited does the custom chrome and paint for motorcycles along with various racing accessories.

Power Sports Photography does the pictures for Fastrack Riders has agreed to not only take the pictures at the event but also sponsor one of the divisions. Racers will be able to get action photos on the spot on race day.

Torco Oil Products and VP Racing Fuels have also agreed to sponsor this event. The list goes on and on.

This even will provide as much variety as anyone has seen. In addition to the Bike show, stunt competition and drag racing, we have arranged for the popular blues band “Hellbound Steel” to entertain the guests during the afternoon session.

You don’t have to bring a bike to enjoy the event, just come down and enjoy the day with us. Oh yeah, kids under 12 are free.

Don’t take my word for. Come down and see for yourself.

For more information please contact Robert Casanares at rcasanares@yahoo.com

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