AGR Presents: The Pink Out

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AGR Presents: The Pink Out
Silver Dollar Raceway
Reynolds, GA

Coverage by Asphalt and Opportunity

The Pink Out

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Asphalt and Opportunity

A.G.R which stands for Association of Grudge Racing was started by a group of guys who love the sport of Grudge racing.

The vision is to promote diversity and quality events while keeping it affordable for the racers. We take a grass root approach by polling the bike owners and spectators to see what types of races would they like to see in an event. Next, we use that information to create grudge classes with an affordable entry fee to give everyone an opportunity to race a bike, car, or ATV that they normally would not race due to an outrageous fee required to do so.

By taking this approach, it allows us to host a great event that is filled with fun, competition, prizes and excitement for our spectators and promoters. AGR strives to provide exposure to the grudge community and sponsors by offering various services and benefits such as promotions, interviews, magazines, community support, social media and our very own AGR website.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and believing in our vision as we will use the success from each event to improve and make Grudge Racing enjoyable for everyone!

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