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AHDRA: Bill Furr Sets Pace for 2004 Season


Following an announcement naming Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts as AHDRA’s 2004 series sponsor, the action got under way fast at the Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Bike Week Nationals presented by Gainesville Harley-Davidson on March 2nd and 3rd, 2004.

Out of the trailer, Bill Furr ran a 6.497 at 220.85 miles per hour to set both the pace at number one and eventually the new Screamin’ Eagle Nitro Harley speed record. “We brought a motorcycle to Gainesville this year with a basic tune-up from our November 2003 event here,” Furr explained.  His run was also a Nitro Harley record for Gainesville Raceway.

Steve Stordeur (Goshen, OH) took over the #1 qualifying spot in round two with a 6.461 on the Mancuso Harley-Davidson ride, and chose to sit out the third round.
Stordeur’s confidence was well placed, as he ran ahead of the pack all day for the first Screamin’ Eagle Nitro Harley win of the year. 

“Everything was just right,” Stordeur said after the win. “The bike was consistent, and it made it all easy on me.  Johnny (Mancuso) and the crew did all the work and that’s what makes it consistent. We made little changes each pass, and Johnny made all the right calls. That’s what made it all work.”

In Joker Machine Pro Modified, Junior Pippin of Conyers, GA, was quicker each round and ran a low ET of 8.369 in the final against Shaun Reno for the win.  Pippin, the #1 qualifier of the event, also set a new eighth-mile record at 130.24 miles per hour.

Four-time Rivera-Primo Street Pro champ Travis Lummus started 2004 as most would expect, qualifying #1 with a 9.123 and winning in the final round of eliminations over Jordan Cruz of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Lummus came away with new records at 122.74 in the eighth mile and 149.10 in the quarter mile. The Gene Lummus/Harley-Davidson sponsored team says they did absolutely nothing to the bike in the off-season. “We topped it off with gas,” said Travis. “Otherwise, it’s exactly the same.”

Bradenton, Florida’s David Atkins got the defense of his Dragmasters Hot Street title off to a decent start by qualifying #1 and setting a new ET record at 10.405. Despite carrying over a tenth-of-a-second performance advantage into the final, however,  he redlit against Bruce Croneberger.

Croneberger (Cressona, PA), who also went to the semis in Street Pro, appears to be angling toward becoming a hot glove in the AHDRA no-bar classes. He beat Rickey Seay, Randy MacKail, and Mike Roberts on his way to the showdown with Atkins and came away with his own speed records in the Hot Street ranks at 105.93 in the eighth mile and 129.55 in the quarter mile.

Over 275 competitors rounded out the fourteen classes offered by AHDRA at Gainesville Raceway, and the outcome was a safe and smooth start to the 2004 season.

There’s more news coming on the newly announced AHDRA Series sponsorship with Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts as well as upcoming events on the AHDRA schedule.

For more information on the Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Bike Week Nationals or the 2004 AHDRA Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Championship Series, please contact 336-924-2095 or visit

Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Bike Week Nationals Presented by Gainesville Harley-Davidson

Final Results-

Screamin Eagle Nitro Harley
Steve Stordeur .073 6.530 212.56**
Mike Romine  .030 6.632 217.12

JIMS Pro Fuel
Mike Lehman .066 8.097 169.33**
Chris Streeter .069 8.687 116.29

S & S Cycle Pro Stock
Dale Raudenbush .079 7.638 168.06**
Scott Tepper  .028 8.119 150.17

Kresto Pro Drag
Chuck Jones  .210 8.146 160.48**
Jeff Steffi  .181 8.595 131.46

S & S Cycle Pro Gas
Brook McCabe .060 8.706 146.84**
David Andeloni .217 Broke

Joker Machine Pro Modified
Junior Pippin 1.402 8.369 153.55**
Shaun Reno  foul- Broke

Rivera-Primo Street Pro
Travis Lummus .238 9.161 147.90**
Jordan Cruz  .145 9.843 143.83

Dragmasters Hot Street
Bruce Croneberger .109 10.712 127.26**
David Atkins  foul 10.459124.51

Screamin’ Eagle V-Rod
Tripp Nobles  .118 9.754 138.54**
Clay Wilwert  .073 10.336 128.22

Redline Oil Super Gas(9.70 Index)
Willie Herschberger .048 9.826 131.04**
Dale Tyson  .153 9.698 127.73

S & S Cycle Super Sport
David Doremus .126 10.256 126.01**
Mike Harrison foul  10.593 122.26

Performance Corner Super Eliminator (10.90 Index)
Chuck Eldridge .021 10.912 117.73**
Donnie Huffman .052 10.848 109.38

SEP (11.50 Index)
Dan Degood  .087 11.387 114.72**
Julian Seaman foul 11.509 111.70

Syn3 ET
Tom Ocasio  .081 10.862 120.96**
Bill Lee Jr.  .163 10.677 119.41

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