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AHDRA: Screamin’ Eagle Perfomance Parts Named Series Sponsor


AHDRA opened the season March 1st, 2004 announcing Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts as the 2004 Championship Series sponsor at a press conference held by Harley-Davidson in Daytona, Fl.

Harley-Davidson will continue its support of the All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) in 2004 with the Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Championship Series. Entering its 27th season in 2004, AHDRA will host 14 races with 250 to 350 entries at each event. Eight AHDRA events are scheduled to be televised on ESPN2. AHDRA President, Craig Tharpe says the series sponsorship with Screamin’ Eagle is a great asset to AHDRA and the sport.

“The exposure Harley-Davidson gives to AHDRA and drag racing through their Screamin’ Eagle marketing and media materials is tremendous”, Tharpe explained. “We are very proud to have this new association with Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts and we will continue to work together to grow the sport of motorcycle drag racing for both the racers and the fan base.” “We welcome the opportunity to support AHDRA and its racers in 2004,” said Anne Paluso, Screamin’ Eagle racing manager.

“The Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Championship Series offers classes for street motorcycles that can be ridden to the track, and for pure racing Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This series allows racers of all levels to enjoy the thrill of competition and the performance only genuine Screamin’ Eagle components can deliver.” Screamin’ Eagle will sponsor four AHDRA race classes in 2004:

Screamin’ Eagle Nitro Harley: Features Harley-inspired 45- and 90-degree V-Twin engines fueled by nitro and reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph in six seconds.

Screamin’ Eagle Performance (SEP): A class that allows extensive modification of street-legal or nonstreet-legal Harley-Davidson motorcycles which must use Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts and display Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts decals.

V-Rod Class: A series that only allows 60-degree, liquid-cooled, overhead-cam, V-Twin-powered motorcycles. This class restricts many major modifications and runs a 0.4-second pro tree light.

SYN3 E.T. (Elapsed Time): Also allows extensive modification of street-legal or nonstreet-legal single- or twin-cylinder motorcycles, with a focus on consistent elapsed-time performance.

Screamin’ Eagle will also post a $15,000 purse for the AHDRA Screamin’ Eagle Shootout, a special event open to any Harley-Davidson motorcycle, held in conjunction with the JIMS Las Vegas Nationals, Oct. 22-24, in Las Vegas, Nev. Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts are inspired by and built in the spirit of the raw adrenaline and power of motorcycle racing.

Screamin’ Eagle Pro parts are specifically designed for race-use applications, while Screaming Eagle parts offer street-use performance options for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner. Visit or for more information.

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