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AHRMA: Drag Racing Will Be Part Of Classic Motofest

AHRMA Classic MotoFest
Drag racer Tony Nicosia.

AHRMA Classic Motofest In The Heartland

Saturday Night Drags to be Highlight at AHRMA Classic MotoFest in the Heartland

The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) in association with Luke’s Racecraft confirmed it will host the 1st Inaugural Classic Drags at the AHRMA Classic MotoFest in the Heartland.

American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association

The event will take place Saturday, May 29th at the world-class NHRA sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka, KS and will feature five classes of vintage and next-generation superbike drag racing under the lights in single-elimination, king-of-the-hill format. Single elimination grudge matches will also be offered to competitors.

“The Heartland Motorsports Park facility is the perfect venue for us to launch, pun intended, vintage and just-past-their-prime drag bikes,” said Arthur Kowitz, Chairman of the AHRMA Board of Trustees. “Plus, it’s a chance for our road racers to test their skills on a real, traction-enhanced, drag strip.”

Look for 3-wheel sidecar rigs and modern electric bikes in the mix as well as exhibitions of exotic multi-engine and semi-pro team rigs. The intense head-to-head competition will get underway at 6:30 PM EST and run until all class champions are crowned.

Competition classes include Vintage Flyweight 0-250cc, Vintage Lightweight 251-500cc, Vintage Middleweight 501-750cc, Vintage Superbikes up to 1982, and Next Generation Superbikes from 1983-1992

“I have been intimately involved with promoting and increasing AHRMA membership for some time and with the growing sport of vintage drag racing globally, I feel that drag racing is a natural fit for AHRMA,” said Luke Conner (Luke’s Racecraft, the 2021 series sponsor). “Drag racing started here, and it’s an American Sport. AHRMA is the premier motorcycle racing program and we are truly multi-disciplined, so AHRMA events are a great place for vintage motorcycle drag racing.”

For details on the event including tickets, schedules, and specific machine technical requirements, please visit www.ahrma.org.

AHRMA Event Information

9am-5pm Swap Meet
9am-5pm Road Race Practice
9am-5pm AHRMA Academy of Roadracing
10am-12:30pm Trials
1pm-4:30pm Cross Country
6pm Cycle Corral Track Walk
7pm-10pm Street Party

8am-11am Road Race Practice
9am-5pm Swap Meet
10am-11:30 Cross Country
12pm-5pm Road Race – Racing
12pm-5pm Vintage MX
6:30pm-12am Classic Drag Racing

8am-9:30am Road Race Practice
8:30am-10am Cross Country
Lunch Break – Cycle Corral Parade Lap
9am-4pm Post Vintage and Next Gen MX
9am-5pm Swap Meet
10am-5pm Road Race racing

*Schedule subject to change

Come experience the AHRMA Classic MotoFest® in the Heartland, the only motorsports festival which features a wide array of vintage 2- and 3-wheel action including road racing, motocross, cross country, trials and for the first time, classic drag racing at Heartland Motorsports Park (HMP) in Topeka, Kansas! Scheduled for May 28-30, 2021 this event will include a swap meet, bike show, cycle corral (which includes a track walk and parade lap) and other family friendly activities.

With AHRMA’s mission of restoring and racing on and off-road vintage motorcycles while appealing to a diverse audience, it’s an event that fits HMP. HMP is one of the finest, multi-purpose racing and entertainment destinations in the US. Located on the south side of Topeka, KS, the facility features a championship NHRA-sanctioned 1/4-mile drag strip, and a 2.5-mile road course. In addition, a large off-road area has been designated for the construction of a custom motocross track and 5-mile forested cross-country track specifically for this event.

“The AHRMA Classic MotoFest® in the Heartland is a perfect opportunity for motorsports fans to see a variety of disciplines over one weekend”, said Travis Hilton, Track Manager for Heartland Motorsports Park. “With a facility as diverse as ours, AHRMA’s event utilizing the many different courses is phenomenal.  Spectators will certainly have their ticket’s worth of excitement seeing many different types of competition over the May 28-30th weekend. In addition to competition, entertainment options will be available for all in the form of a premiere bike show, widespread swap meet, and live band performing for everyone’s enjoyment.  The 2021 AHRMA Classic MotoFest® in the Heartland event will be a chance for new and old attendees to talk about for years—or at least until 2022!”

ABOUT AHRMA: American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving, restoring, and competing on historic motorcycles. With more than 3,000 members, AHRMA is the leading historic motorcycle racing group in North America and one of the largest in the world. The association’s enthusiastic membership reflects this country’s strong interest in classic bike

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