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All Harley World Shootout – 2022 Drag Racing Schedule

All Harley World Shootout

All Harley World Shootout 2022 Drag Racing Schedule

April 22-23 with the IHDRA/AHDRA
Stunnaville Fayetteville Motor Sports Park / Fayetteville, NC

May 27-28 with the IHDRA/AHDRA
hosted by StreetKing Motorsports
Silver Dollar Dragway Reynolds’s GA

June 10-11
June Jam Bike Rally
Rowan County Fairgrounds / Salisbury NC

June 17-18
Thunder at the Rock
Hosted by Lumbee Racing with Steve Earwood
Rockingham Dragway

June 24-25 with the IHDRA/AHDRA
710 Dragway / Pembroke NC

August 12-13 with the IHDRA/AHDRA
Custom T’s Motorsports Park / Colonial Beach Virginia

August 26-27 with the IHDRA/AHDRA
hosted by Kadafe Entertainment
Keystone Raceway / Pittsburgh,PA

November 4-5 with the IHDRA/AHDRA
World Finals
Farmington Dragway / Mocksville, NC

All events will feature the BackYard Baggers

Each show will feature 7 classes, paying out for FIRST PLACE WINNERS! $200 and up depending on entries. A custom BYB belt will be awarded for each class and each show. Awards for bike show also at each event.

Entry fees are $40 per class.

Judges will be determined the week prior. Each event/class could be king of the hill, walk to the bike you like, 3 judges, 1 judge or points. Again, this decision will be announced the week prior to the event.

Flyweight: 4 speakers or less, nothing bigger than 8” mids, no sealed off bags or enclosures, ports are allowed

Featherweight: 6 speakers or less, nothing bigger than 2 -10” mids, no sealed bags or enclosures, ports are allowed.

Lightweight: 8 speakers or less, 2 -10” mid max, sealed bags are allowed, ports are allowed.

Welterweight: 10 speakers or less, 2 -10” sub max, or 4 8” sub max. Tour pack restricted to 2-8” mid max, or 4 6.5 mid max. No 10” tour packs allowed.

Middleweight: 14 speakers or less, 2-8” sub per bag, 1-10” sub per bag, 1-12” sub max, tour pack 2-10” mid max or 1-10” or 12” sub max.

Heavyweight: 10.5” bag width max. 18 speaker or less, 3-8” sub per bag, 2-10” sub per bag, 2-12” sub per bag, no tour pack restrictions.

Extreme: 15” bag with max. Other than that, anything goes.

Meter: anything goes. Highest DB wins. Meter will only be at certain events.

We look forward to seeing you all this season. Thank you for all of your continued support.

To learn more on the AHWS Facebook page, click here.

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