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AMA/Prostar: MPS Returns to 2004 Contingency Program

MPS Returns to Prostar Contingency Program Program kicks off with kill switch give away

AMA/Prostar is pleased to announce the return of MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties as an official major contingency sponsor, for the U.S. Drag Racing Series. Dan Rudd, president of MPS is often credited as one of the first to offer a full-line of motorcycle racing products on the Web. Today, the tradition continues with an even more expanded line of products. Cutting edge, unique and specialty products that give the motorcycle drag racer specific advantages.

In 2004, MPS will pay riders in all classes of AMA Prostar competition that use MPS products to win.

Promoting the new MPS Air Throttle Stop as a primary contingency product MPS will pay $200 to win and $100 to runner up in all classes. The MPS Tether Kill Switch and the MPS line of Pro Pushbuttons each will pay $25 to win. Both programs require you to run decals on both sides of your bike for the entire event.

MPS will be on the manufacturers midway at most AMA Prostar events in 2004, and can be found on the web at www.mpsracing.com

To kick off the program, and for each month in 2004, MPS will be giving away a free kill switch. You can sign up each month! That’s 12 kill switches to 12 lucky people in 2004! these are the kill switches that count in the contingency program! Free parts and free money from MPS! Check it out www.mpsracing.com

For more info about MPS Contact:
Dan Rudd
Phone: 407.330.9727 

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