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AMA/Prostar: Number Plate Notice

Due to television at the Prostar events, it is imperative that every motorcycle have their bike number on both sides of the bike. The production company will be using six cameras and will not be able to identify bikes to match runs without numbers on both sides.

So, Prostar is asking everyone to take care of the number plates prior to entering tech. This year Prostar will have a pre-tech person to verify both number plates and class sponsor decals before allowing contestants to enter tech. Your help in taking care of this prior to Gainesville will help reduce tech lines considerably. Class decals will be available from the pre-tech person as you enter the line for tech.

Remember, class decals must be on both sides of the bike on the fairing or main / upper portion of the body. All classes (including Pro’s) will tech in the each class’s assigned staging lane prior to first round.

Racers are asked to adhere to the tech times.
Pro ET 8:00am
Street ET 8:30am
Hot Rod Cruiser 9:00am
SuperSport 9:15am
Super Gas 9:30am
Super Comp 9:45am
Top Gas 10:00am
Pro’s 10:30am

The first event of the year will have long lines without everyone’s help, so please make life easier for the other racers and be prepared. If everyone helps, there should be no lines. – Thanks, Prostar Tech.


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