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AMA/Prostar: Pro Mod Safety Rules Revision

After the horrific crash of Steve Drake on the McKinney Motorsport’s Suzuki Pro Modified entry at the MRE Nationals, Prostar has instituted a rule change for Pro Modified effective immediately.

Although Drake walked away from his crash, Prostar wants to do everything possible to prevent a reoccurrence. Last season, racer Jack Young developed a carburetor strap to prevent carburetors from being separated from the head after a backfire. This problem was the number one reason for so many catastrophic fires in Pro Mod. For those who used the strap, fires were eliminated. For 2004 Prostar made the straps mandatory.

It seems for every cure, the weak link will eventually arise. Unlike street bikes, most race engine headers are held on simply by springs. Now that the carbs don’t blow off, the header is the next weak link. In Drakes crash, two header pipes blew off separating the header from the megaphone. The megaphone then folded under and cut the rear tire. With the rear tire gone, all the weight of the motorcycle transferred to the wheelie bar wheels which eventually came apart, then the bars. The crash resulted in a total loss for Scott McKinney except for some of the engine.

The new rule will be as follows:

Pro Mod Page 60, Engine: (add) header must be safety wired with a minimum .032 wire to the head on both sides of each exhaust flange.

This change should force the backfire pressure through the exhaust as opposed to engine damage. Any questions regarding this change should be directed to tech@amaprostar.com

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