AMA/Prostar: Returns to St. Louis

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Top Fuel Bikes, Streetbike Chaos, and
Speed Divas Rule in St. Louis

The fastest, quickest, wildest motorcycles on the planet return to St. Louis

After-race program allows street riders to experience racing safely

When Larry McBride prepares his Top-Fuel motorcycle
to race he dumps about 6 gallons of Nitro-Methane and Alcohol into the tank.
His single rear tire rivals a steamroller. The bike will make three times the
horsepower of a NASCAR vehicle and instead of a seat harness, Larry’s lifeline
is the grip of his hands.

The bike warm-up is deafening and when Larry spins the tire in order to get
the best traction, the stands are filled with smoke, thick as cotton
candy. In the next 5 seconds he will go from 0 to 240 MPH. You’ve just witnessed
the fastest, loudest, quickest bike on the planet.

All Day, Sat. June 5 and Sun. June 6
St Louis motorcycle fans will get a chance to see Larry McBride in a field of
the fastest Top Fuel motorcycles in the world. That’s one highlight in a weekend
packed with hundreds of the quickest, fastest, loudest, and wildest motorcycles.
You’ll see nitrous-injected pro-modified bikes, factory powered hot rods, competition
sportsman, and even a chance for local racers to get into the action. The AMA/Prostar
PR Factory Store St. Louis Nationals June 5-6, 2004 at Gateway International
Raceway promises something for every type of bike lover and speed freak in the

A ticket is a pit pass and gives you full access.
Meet the riders and teams that are making history in the world of motorcycle
drag racing. Learn tips on how to tune or race your own bike or what is needed
to build one of these full-blown race machines. Shop Parts and Accessories on
the Manufacturer’s Midway The midway is home to the top manufacturers with everything
a rider, racer, or fan would want. Parts and accessories, riding and safety
apparel, cool clothes, trailers and vehicles, food and beverages, and much more.

Speed Diva Competition Continued in St. Louis
Due to the unfortunate rain delay of the Lucas Oil Spring Nationals on May 1-2
the Fastest Girl on the Street Challenge will continue at the PR
Factory Store Nationals in St. Louis.
The 2004 Speed Diva Challenge package looks better than ever and includes:

  • A custom award from AMA/Prostar for
    the Fastest MPH on a street bike by a girl in the Street ET class.
  • A leather jacket from Kawasaki Motor
    Corp. for the Fastest Girl on a Kawasaki street bike in Street ET.
  • $200 from Ken’s Cycle Center in Virginia
    for the Fastest Girl on a Suzuki street bike in Street ET.
  • $200 from Schintz Racing for any Girl
    who takes first place in ANY class.
  • $500 from Schnitz Racing for ANY Girl
    who wins Top Gas.
  • Free 8X10 Race Photo from
    for the Fastest Girl in Street ET.
  • Professional Bio from for
    the Fastest Girl in Street ET.
  • All female participants will receive
    a certificate with their fastest MPH and quickest ET on it.

The Fastest Girl on the Street un-official
record is now held by Michelle Bowman of Newport News, VA on a Kawasaki ZX12
@ 149.36 MPH in
Street ET. She is also the current leader of the 2004 competition with a MPH
of 158.09.

After-Hours Legalized Street Racing in a Safe Environment
For much less than the price of a new car, someone who has never before been
on a motorcycle can head to a local dealer and pick up a daily
rider bike that is capable of incredible speeds. These kinds of numbers in the
wrong hands spell trouble. We have all seen it; a reckless rider
takes off from a stoplight with no regard for oncoming traffic or without paying
attention to the surroundings or drivers around them. In
the best case scenario, he may end up with just a violation. In the worst case;
bad news delivered to family or loved ones. Many of these
riders do not know about or may not care to participate in the organized racing
of AMA/Prostar; therefore we have offered an after-hours
alternative, the Streetbike Chaos – Insane Racing Series.

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, Prostar is
the drag racing sanctioning body of the American Motorcyclist Association. AMA/Prostar
is doing all
they can to educate sport bike owners that there is a safe place to experience
what their machines can do. "„We also recognize that we need
to offer a safe environment for this type of racing and want to keep it off
the streets,‰ said AMA/Prostar CEO Keith Kizer. With a large
network of organized events, a training partnership with drag racing schools,
a points program, and lots of money available for cash and
awards, Prostar has been helping get these racers off the street since 1989.
With the launch of Streetbike Chaos, they hope they can expose
more new riders to professional organized racing.

Streetbike riders that do not choose to
enter the race day event can pass tech procedures and buy a pass for the evening
Streetbike Chaos.
This is for the hard-core street racer. It’s a compromise for the rider who
has spent lots of money building the ultimate performance machine,
yet looks away from conventional racing.

Event Information | Tickets | Directions
AMA/Prostar – PR Factory Store, St. Louis Nationals

Event Sponsor
PR Factory Store is a company dedicated to the motorcycle performance industry.
Besides retail sales, the company specializes in engine
building and chassis modifications. Their international sales program reaches
as far as Australia, Japan and Germany.

Location: Gateway International
Raceway, Madison, IL
Date(s) / Time: Saturday and Sunday June 5-6, 2004 – Racing
starts at 9:00 am, Pros start at Noon, both days.
Directions: Just minutes from downtown St. Louis and in the
shadow of the arch, Gateway International Raceway’s multi-purpose motorsports
facility is located at the intersection of Interstate 55-70 and Route 203 in
Madison, Illinois. (618) 875-7550
Tickets: Available at the gate.
Adults $20 each day; $35 two-day
Juniors (2-12 yrs) $5 each day, Children (under 2) free with paid adult.
AMA members, groups and organized clubs, $15 per day with membership card and
Military admitted free with military ID.

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