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Amazon Racing AHDRA Thunder Valley Race Report

Kerry Tate The Amason Nitro HarleyCarrie Seifert Tate a.k.a. “The AMAZON” is still holding on to Number 2 in national points with the AHDRA Pro Drag Nitro Harley Class after a less than perfect weekend at the Thunder In The Valley Nationals in Bristol, TN, August 3rd and 4th.

The Amazon Racing Team had problems with their bike during a test and tune pass Friday morning, busting the chain and banging the engine. Saturday during qualifying Crew Chief Kerry Tate and his team could not get her bike to run up to it’s potential. When all was done, Steve Pier was the #1 qualifier with a 7.486 ET and The AMAZON was the #4 qualifier with a 7.693 ET. During the first round of eliminations Carrie got by Jordan Cruz on his Nungesser powered bike. Cruz ran a 7.647 @ 174.89 to Tate’s 7.687 @ 173.09. Seifert-Tate won the race at the tree with a .125 light compared to Cruz’s .417 light.

On to the semi-finals! “We had our hands full again with Steve Pier who’s currently #1 in national points”, says Seifert-Tate shaking her head. “We suspected that Brutus, my bike, was hurt going in. I busted my chain during my first test and tune pass Friday. We did the leak down test twice to make sure he was okay and everything seemed to come out right. But, no matter what Kerry did to make Brutus faster, we couldn’t get any more power. Every pass was nearly identical….all too slow to get to the finals. It was a mystery and very frustrating for the whole team. Everybody gave their best all weekend.”

When the dust cleared Pier ran a 7.553 @ 162.84 against The Amazon’s 7.805 @ 162.59. Steve went on to the finals to win the race with Dale Nilles of Punisher Racing. Congratulations, Steve!

Once the races were done Mr. Kerry decided, after talking to bike builders Johnny and Steve Vickers, to pull the motor down and inspect it for damage. “The beauty of these Derringer motors is the kind of beating they can take. It’s amazing how quickly you can repair one if you hurt it,” said Tate. “Other engines would have come apart after that test and tune pass Friday. Within 45 minutes we had the connecting rod and piston out and discovered we had damaged the motor when we banged it so hard Friday. Quite a testament to the Hawaya Racing Derringer motor. We had been running all weekend, qualified 4th and went the semi-finals on a hurt motor.”


We appreciate our sponsors: Hawaya Racing, Bates Custom Leathers, Engineered Performance Tooling, Beene’s Baggers, Conway Collision and Superior Interiors. Thanks to Johnny Vickers and Steve Vickers of Hawaya Racing for building this wonderful bike and to Leanne Purvis for taking care of us at the track. Hats off to the passionate Nitro Harley drag racing fans that come out and support our wonderful sport!

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