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AMRA : Announcing the NEW “Extreme Gas” Class


It is a privilege to announce the establishment of a new class in the AMRA sanctioning body.

Extreme Gas

Let me start out this announcement with a request to everyone that we work together to create the next talk of the industry. This class has all the pedigree to become a showcase class. What more can I say than I am extremely jazzed about its potential. But it cannot prosper on its own. We need sponsors to take it to its next level.

But first let me tell you the rules, so here goes.

E/X — Extreme Gas

The design concept of this class is “run watcha brung” as long as the machines are deemed “safe” by the technical inspectors and run on commercially available gasoline or alcohol.

Engines must keep design features of V-Twin engines. 60° push rod engines are “NOT” permitted. Aftermarket heads are legal, including 4 valve design.

• Up to 122 cubic inches – Gasoline or alcohol, any induction system, nitrous oxide, super charger and turbochargers allowed. Maximum of 2 power adders and being defined as nitrous oxide, super charger and turbochargers
• 123 to 160 cubic inches – Gasoline or alcohol, single or double engines, carburetor or fuel injection. Nitrous oxide OR supercharger OR turbocharger (any one of these).
• 161 cubic inches and up – Gasoline or alcohol. Normally aspirated carburetor(s) or fuel injection is allowed. No nitrous oxide or other supplemental fuels or oxidizers. Double engine design is grandfathered into this category till 2014.

The following are additional recommended safety requirements for this class beyond the standard published AMRA safety requirements. The technical inspectors or organization management can mandate these requirements with sufficient notice to competitors in this class if in their opinion a safety issue exists that needs rectified.

• Engine restraint systems are recommended but not required for nitrous sprayed engines.
• Chest protectors are recommended.
• Scatter-shield or ballistic blanket are recommended but not required for supercharged engines.
• Engine diaper or full belly pan with absorbent pads recommended.

All other aspects of AMRA Rules & Procedures as outlined in this handbook will also apply

So now that you see the rules, how about it racers. This is going to be a blast. I have Sanctioning body & Class sponsor proposal packages ready to go out to anyone that you feel would be interested. I emphasize that we are not just looking for corporate sponsorships. We will talk to anyone and entertain any offer. Once this class takes off there will be sponsors standing in line wanting to be part of this. Please contact me with company contacts or individual names whatever you have. Contingency offers are good too. 100% of all money acquired will be directly disbursed to the racers. That’s right 100%. My contact info is below.


AMRA 2013 Schedule

March 23-24…. State Capitol Raceway, Baton Rouge, LA

April 27-28…. BeechBend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY
No Top Fuel or Nitro FunyBike at this event

May 30-June 2….Mason Dixon Dragway, Hagerstown, MD

June 29-30…. BeechBend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY

July 27-28…. Kil-Kare Raceway, Xenia, OH

August 17-18… Holly Springs Dragway, Holly Springs, MS

Sept. 28-29…. Bowling Green, KY
National Finals

PO Box 310 Six Lakes, MI 48886

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