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AMRA: Brock’s Performance Outlaw Street at Liberty Nitro Nationals



American Motorcycle Racing Association
Liberty Nitro Nationals
August 23-25, 2019

Brock’s Performance Outlaw Street

Brocks Performance

During  Saturday Outlaw Street qualifying, Canadian stand-out racer Stephane Crete stopped the clocks at Numidia Dragway with a stunning 8.035 @ 165.99 MPH pass that had jaws dropping all over the racing facility! A Harley Davidson drag bike, with a street tire, running racing gas, naturally aspirated, with no wheelie bars, damn near ran a 7 – second elapsed time in AMRA competition. Had Stephane run the 7, it would have been the first Harley-no-bars bike seven-second elapsed time run in the history of AMRA racing, since the sanction was founded in 1985 some 34 years ago.

The Harley Davidson V-Twins are starting to advance deeply in high performance, within the no-bars racing realm. Its big news for the gas bikes with two cylinders to go this quick. For a gas bike to be pushing 7’s at close to 165 MPH: clearly the bikes are starting to make close to 300 HP. That’s astounding when you realize it’s near three times the power level of at actual basic design. The racers, working in conjunction with the aftermarket manufacturers, are really advancing the design of these hopped-up street bikes.

Stephane is officially the quickest and fastest, Brock’s Performance Outlaw Street bike in the USA. You can add the world to that statement if you like. He ran a 7.95 @ 169.53 MPH at Napierville, Dragway in Quebec, Canada on August 11th, just days before the AMRA race. Stephane Crete is currently leading the way in no-bars racing for the Outlaw Street bikes.

His 144 Cubic Inch bike is sporting a pair of 75 MM intakes for the fuel injection system by Precision EFI. His clutch is a Bandit Gen-2, he leaves the starting line at close to 3200 RPM and shifts the bike at 8,000 RPM’s. On Stephane’s 8.0 pass, he logged in a stout, 1.36 sixty-foot time, he covered the first 1/8th mile of the track in 5.17 seconds at 140.80 MPH then stopped the clocks at 8.03 @ 165.99.

After his #1 qualifying performance at Numidia, Stephane then posted an 8.20 during round one of eliminations, then went on to defeat Mike Motto during E-2 in the semi-final round, with an 8.20 @ 157, to Mike’s 8.35 elapsed time. In the finals, Tim Grindle got the better of Stephane with an 8.48 to Stephane’s off-pace, 8.61 and it was Tim Grindle, of Uniontown, PA taking the win at Numidia.

The big W was very important for Grindle at this race, as coming into the event he was national #2, right behind Charley Douglas in points. Charley went out during E-2, to Tim Grindle and the points battle in Brock’s Performance Outlaw Street is really heating up!

With two races remaining in the AMRA, 2019 season, the points championship is a dogfight between Charley Douglas, Tim Grindle, Stephane Crete and Mike Motto.


Final Qualifying

The AMRA next race will be the Clay Jones Memorial event at Bowling Green, KY on September, 21-22 and then the 2019 season will conclude with a final event at Rockingham Dragway on October, 12-13, for the annual Jim McClure Memorial Harley Nitro Nationals.


Other racers who won at the AMRA, Liberty Nitro Nationals were:

  • Nitro Funny Bike – Ryan Peery 7.55, R/U Jim Doyle, 14.48
  • Pro Fuel – Dennis Waldron 9.31, R/U John McConnell Broke
  • Vreeland’s HD, Top Eliminator – David Doremus 9.30
  • Pro Gas – Donnie Huffman 8.90, R/U Lee Hitz 15.00
  • Pro Mod – Billy Doherty 8.48, R/U Richard Boone 8.89
  • Modified – Gary Douglas 9.36, R/U Troy Young 9.51
  • Brock’s Performance O/S – Tim Grindle 8.48, R/U Stephane Crete, 8.61
  • HP Inc, Hot Street – Brian Conely Jr, 9.11, R/U Russ Johnson 9.51
  • Zippers Performance S/Street – Troy Young 9.39, R/U Joe Perry 9.52
  • Energy 1 Clutches, Dresser – David Dennick 9.63, R/U Crosby Blair 10.59
  • ThunderMax Eliminator – Donnie Huffman, R/U Andy Horn
  • Super/Comp (8.90) – Donnie Huffman, R/U Brian Conley
  • Vreeland’s HD S/G (9.90) – Keith Carper, R/U Joe Glaze
  • B.K. Electric S/Pro (10.30) – Ricky Lynn, R/U David Doremus
  • Pro Eliminator (10.90) – Crosby Blair, R/U Kimberly DeShields
  • Baker Drive Train Street Elim (11.50) – Kevin Winters, R/U Claude Jouvet

For more information visit www.amralive.com

2019 Schedule

April 27-28 / Spring Rally & Drags / Beechbend Raceway Park
May 18-19 / Orlando Nationals / Orlando Dragway
June 29-30 / Summer Shootout & Rally / Beechbend Raceway Park
July 27-28 / Michigan Nationals Race & Rally / US 131 Motorsports Park
Aug 24-25 / Liberty Nitro Nationals / Numidia Dragway
Sept 21-22 / Clay Jones Memorial Race & Rally / Beechbend Raceway Park
Oct 12-13  / Jim McClure Memorial Harley Nitro Nationals / Rockingham Dragway

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