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AMRA: Future Champions


AMRA Future Champions

Words and photos by Charlie Wieland

AMRA was graced with 5 potential future champions on April 27-29, 2018, at the race in Bowling Green, KY.

Their names are:

  •  Tyler Stringer 25 yrs old
  • Aiden Pollworth 16 yrs old
  • Jordan Leeper 16 yrs old
  • Michael Otts 18 yrs old
  • Brian Conley 16 yrs old
  • Clayton Danford 25 yrs old

Clayton, who has been a past newcomer to the AMRA and has went on to become quite a racer, fabricator, and in 2009 the AMRA Thumper class champion. Clayton is a great example of what each of these future champions can become. All they need are some very good teachers, equipment, and seat time learning the skill needed to be a successful V-Twin champion which very few can achieve. So here are each of the future AMRA champion’s backgrounds and stats. All AMRA licensed racers have to be at least 16 years old to compete.

Tyler Stringer

Tyler Stringer the son of J.J. Stringer and got his racing license at the April Bowling Green, KY.

He was racing his 883 sportster with his best time of 15.76 second quarter mile.
Tyler plans on racing all the Bowling Green, KY races and the Rockingham, NC race this year. He is planning on making the full schedule of the AMRA races in 2019. Tyler stated that the reason he couldn’t commit to the full schedule this year was because of a vacation conflict.

Tyler works at a Kentucky Coal Mine as a Belt Mechanic. He is learning the bike mechanics, but yet he wouldn’t call himself a bike mechanic, just a parts changer at the moment.

Tyler is starting out trying to learn the drag racing through the E Class. He stated he would like to run the E Class and move up to the 11:50 second class next year.


Aiden Pollworth

Aiden Pollworth doesn’t have a racing license yet and is 16 yrs old.

He has never raced a drag bike before, but has been around motorcycles all of his life with his grandfather Tony Curtis from Palatine, IL. Who would like to see Aiden race E Class first to learn proper skills. Then move up through the classes. Tony suggested Aiden may get Tony’s bike to race in the future. Aiden is a High School Sophomore and currently enjoys participating in Football and Baseball.


Jordan Leeper

Jordan Leeper 16 yrs old. Jason Leeper is Jordan’s father.

Jordan and his father Jason received their license on 4/18/2018. He is racing
his 883 Sportster in his first ever drag race. He said the drag bikes felt
awesome. He had a reaction time of .161 with a run of 15.987 seconds in the
quarter mile at 84.50 MPH.

Jordan plans on running E Class for now and has set a goal of racing the Pro Mod Class someday. His Dad Jason, is teaching him the basics on how to stage and light the bulbs. His father is letting Jordan learn drag racing etiquette. Jordan’s high light of this race weekend was he actually beat his father with the better reaction time. Jordan and his father Jason have planned to make all of the AMRA scheduled races is 2018.


Michael Otts

Michael Otts 18 yrs old and a friend of Michael Davidson is planning on racing the June 23-24, 2018 Bowling Green, KY race.

Michael is planning on riding a 1200 Buell in the E Class. Michael has raced a Diesel at Music City drag way in the past. We sure hope to see Michael at all of our races next year.

Brian Conley Jr.

Brian Conley Jr. is 18 yrs old and started racing in 2017 with the AMRA.

Brian Jr. was the AMRA Rookie of the Year in 2017. He finished 8th in the 11:50 Class, 10th in the E Class, and 8th in Street Eliminations Class. Brain Jr. says he really likes the AMRA and how they run the Sanction. Last fall Brian Jr. had been the number one qualifier and set several records last September 2017. He dialed in 11:49 and ran an 11:492. Brian Jr. had also dialed in 11:00 in the Street Elimination and ran a 11:002. In the spring opener in 2018 at Bowling Green, Ky, he dialed in a 10:90 and ran a 10.903. He is running an Indian Scout which is very fast. Brian Jr. plans on running Super Street and making this Indian Scout as fast as it can be while keeping the motorcycle stock and street legal. Brian Jr. is trying to learn from two mentors, his father and Joey Jobbe to acquire good racing habits.

Brian Sr. raced 10 years before Brian Jr. was born. Brian Sr. had quite a racing career and is teaching Brian Jr. some of his winning strategies. Brian Sr. raced in Daytona on SDR 400 and won a National Championships in 1994.

Then Brian Sr. went on to a Honda 600F2 and won many regional championships, finishing 3rd. In 1997-1998 they came out with a US Twin Sport Class. It was an 883 Class where all the bikes were identical so it was just the rider’s ability to win. Brian Sr. qualified for the World Finals at Daytona. Riders from all over the world came to that race. He was ranked 7th or 8th in 883 US Twin Sport class. They also had a Buell Lighting Class that he participated in. The bikes again were also identical in weight, horsepower so it was only the rider’s ability to take the win. Brian Sr. finished in 2nd place in 1998.

Brain Sr. would like to see Brian Jr. get a National championship on this bike. He wants Brian Jr. to learn all the good habits before he is going to let him move up in class and bigger bikes.

Brian Jr. already has a few sponsors for his racing:

Valley Racing / 325 West & Delite Inn Road / Beecher, IL
Spectro Performance Oils / Tri-R Distributing
Elkhart Indian Motorcycle / Elkhart, IN


Clayton Danford

Clayton Danford 25 Yrs old racing for the Danford Brothers Racing.

Clayton Danford started racing Motocross in 1997 at the age of four. At eight he won the AHDRA Junior Junior Championship. He also raced in the AJDBRC League which was like the All Junior Drag Bike Racing League. Track rules were changed in 2002 requiring young racers to be at least sixteen years of age to compete for insurance requirements. So Clayton missed racing in 2003, 2004, and 2005 seasons. He started racing the AMRA sanction in 2009. Clayton became the 2009 Thumper Class Champion racing for the Danford Brothers Racing. Upon turning sixteen he began racing the Pro Eliminator Class. In 2014 he was riding a Pro Mod bike of Larry Pratt of Iron Eagle Motorcycles and placed fifth for the year at twenty-one years of age. Clayton missed the 2017 season and has returned in 2018 for a full schedule of racing the AMRA.

He is racing the Super Street Class and the E Class. During the years off Clayton has learned to weld and started studying fabrication. Clayton has become very proficient at welding up racing exhausts, race bike fabrication.Furthering his mechanical skills in the V-Twin drag racing engines, chassis designs and methods of fabrication. He now has lifelong sellable skills that will give him income for the rest of his life.

One of Clayton’s best intelligent skills is his ability to listen. He was brought up very respectful of his elders and always listens to them explaining some racing technique. He is always willing to trying new things he has learned. He feels you may never get another chance


All of these above new racers should get to know Clayton and follow some of
his footsteps. Clayton’s motto: “Miner Details” make for success.

The AMRA would like to invite you out to the June 23-24, 2018 Bowling Green
Ky race to watch these new future champions. Cheer your favorite racer and
support the AMRA sanction in the process.

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