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AMRA Salutes the 2022 Champions

American Motorcycle Racing Association

AMRA Salutes the 2022 Champions

On November 19, 2022, the AMRA motorcycle drag racing sanction will salute their 2022 national event class champions at the Nashville, Clarion Hotel, in downtown Nashville, TN. The seventeen class champions will be celebrated during festivities during the annual banquet and rules meeting on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

To begin the gala event, an open rules meeting will commence at 3 PM, Saturday afternoon at the Clarion Hotel, located at 211 N, 1st St, Nashville, TN. Rules for the coming 2023 season will be discussed in an open forum. Opinions and input from racers and manufacturers will all be heard and taken into consideration. The day’s schedule will be a 3 PM rules meeting, and dinner at 6 PM, with the championship awards presentation to follow.

AMRA Motorcycle Drag Racing

Greg Baugh, president of the AMRA has this to say about the weekend’s coming activities:

“Each year, I’m afforded the opportunity to honour our racers and underscore their achievements at the year-end banquet.  I get to highlight the outstanding times we’ve had throughout the season and present the class leaders with the coveted AMRA Championship Trophies, which made their debut last year.  This is the most special event of the year for me.  It’s a culmination of every racer’s efforts, and, this season brings no shortage.  Along with the class awards, the AMRA also recognizes a member in each of the six categories of outstanding achievement.  Topping that off with a very special announcement regarding next season, I can’t express how deeply the pride runs, and I’m looking forward to one fantastic evening with my AMRA family!”

In recognizing the seventeen competition class champions, we here at the AMRA would like to present to all our 2022 AMRA National Points Champions:

Top Fuel – Ryan Peery

Top Fuel – Ryan Peery, the repeating class champion in AMRA Top Fuel, is a 38-year-old resident of Milford, Ohio, who is involved in Construction Management by profession.  He describes his interest in motorcycle drag racing: “In 2014, I bought the Big Nasty, Nitro Funny Bike and wrenched on it for close to two full years. Then in 2017, I decided I wanted to ride it, which was my start in the sport.”

Ryan Peery
Ryan Peery

Coming into the 2022 season, after the year I had in 2021 when I either won or runner’ed up in almost every race, I mean, how do you top that? So coming into 2022, my biggest goal was to have fun and hopefully be competitive.

After wrapping up the championship in Top Fuel, Ryan would like to thank: “First off a huge thank you to Mr. Jay Turner and all of Jay Turner Racing. Jay was always there with a helping hand and important advice. He’s a big part of my accomplishments. Special Thanks: Mom & Dad, Mid-Western Construction, Chris & Frank Smith, Buddy Johnson, Rex at Jay Turner Racing and Jack Romine.

Nitro Funny Bike – Jim Doyle

AMRA’s Nitro Funny Bike champion for 2022, is 63-year-old Jim Doyle of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Jim is self-employed as an Oil Burner Technician who keeps busy serving New England’s households.

AMRA Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle

His history in motorcycle drag racing goes way back. “I began in motorcycle drag racing in 1979. Started running nitro in 1984. Jim McClure taught me a lot over the years, and he was a close friend. I didn’t get my first win until 1987 when I beat Jim at a race in Florida. He told me my experience in working with oil burner fuel pumps was definitely a help in learning and understanding nitro racing.

Coming into the 2022 season, my biggest goal was to win the NFB championship. I also wanted to bury the MPH record so deep it would stand for years to come. I’ve been as quick as 6.26 and as fast as 220, so I know I can do it. Winning the championship, was #1. We did accomplish that part of the equation.

I’d like to thank B&R Machine and also Genden Auto Parts for their support this year.”

Pro Fuel – Paul Anderson

The 2022 AMRA Pro Fuel champion is 67-year-old Paul Anderson of Clarkson, Michigan. Paul is engaged as a designer, building prototype concept vehicles by trade. He began motorcycle drag racing in fast times and progressed quickly, winning a professional class championship his first year racing in the pros.

“I started motorcycle drag racing in 2019 on a V-Rod Destroyer. I decided to go nitro Harley racing at the start of this season in 2022. This was my rookie year.

Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson

Coming into the 2022 year, he had a great outlook, and it paid off “We did it! This was what I hoped to achieve, to win a championship in Pro Fuel racing in my rookie year. By God’s Grace: we won! Experience isn’t necessarily knowing what to do, it’s knowing what not to do – Paul F Anderson.

I must say, my sponsor, is my wife, Susan. She stands by me in all I do. I could not do this without her. And a BIG thank you to Steve Martin, my crew chief, who is also my son-in-law.”

Pro Gas – Kevin Campbell

The 2022 AMRA Pro Gas champion is 55-year-old Kevin Campbell of Southern Pines, North Carolina. Kevin designs commercial kitchens and mobile food trucks for a living. He’s a veteran of the sport of Harley-Davidson motorcycle drag racing.

Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell

” I graduated college in 1994, and I met Dane Miller. We became friends, which got me into Harley Davidson motorcycle drag racing, pretty much at the beginning of it. I actually began racing on the track by the 1996 season.

In 2022, he knew he was in for a challenge, “In Pro Gas, as in motorcycle drag racing, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done: go motorcycle drag racing. If I can help bring others into the sport, that’s where I want to be.”

In achieving his 2022 championship, he’d like to thank: Dabbs Brothers Development, Maxies Tap Room, Statewide Roofing, Justin White Inc, Buckholtz Tool & Die, and Carolina Gold Coin.

Pro Mod – Billy Doherty

The 2022 AMRA Pro Mod champion is 42-year-old Billy Doherty, of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Billy is the owner/operator of Lake Charles Harley Davidson and has been around the American legendary machines for much of his life.

Bill Doherty
Bill Doherty

Billy commented, “I’ve been involved with motorcycle drag racing for 15 years now. Originally in my youth, I started off racing motocross. I used to help out my dad, who enjoyed car racing. Then I went with a friend to a race in Gulfport, Mississippi, in 2005. One year later, in 2006, I entered my first full year of points, racing as often as I could. Managed to win two championships in the process that year.

Coming into the 2022 season, Billy had high ambition: “We had a new motor combination in the bike at the start of this season. Because it was a build by Steve Alstead, what we really wanted to see, was the combo run to its potential. Also, the goal was the championship. While we struggled with the combo from time to time, we did win the championship. I’d like to thank Lake Charles Harley Davidson, Iron Eagle of Grand Rapids Michigan, and Mom & Dad for their support this year.”

Modified – Kim DeShields

The 2022 AMRA Modified champion is 34-year-old Kimberly DeShields of Murfreesboro, TN. The self-employed drag bike pilot has been a consistently rising star in AMRA competition for quite some time now. Her perfect .000 reaction time in competition this year was her fourth: She’s deadly on the tree.

Kim DeShields
Kim DeShields

“I started motorcycle drag racing in 2009. During my first season, I raced in Street Eliminator. I’ve been climbing the competition ladder ever since. Coming into this year, I really wanted to repeat with the Modified #1 plate, and I hoped for an undefeated season, and that was not to be. But we did manage to qualify deep all season, knowing we needed that for championship points, and that worked out perfectly.

I’d like to thank the AMRA, for running a great racing series and also my crew and my guys who prep the bike; we nailed it again this year- Thank you!

Outlaw Street – Charley Douglas

The 2022 AMRA Outlaw Street champion is 53-year-old Charley Douglas, of Staunton, Virginia. The mechanically inclined gentleman is a Maintenance Supervisor for Little Debbie Snack Cakes and helps keep production in full swing as a vocation. He’s been motorcycle drag racing for many years.

Charley Douglas
Charley Douglas

“1999 was my first year of motorcycle drag racing, back when I started off running in the ET classes. In 2003, I advanced to racing in Hot Street class, then moved up from there. What I hoped to achieve this year with the new Outlaw Street bike and the Turbo was a best of 7.30’s @ 185. We didn’t quite get that far. Our best for the season was a 7.87 @ 178.97 MPH, so we are getting there; it’s just a process.”

Special Thanks to my dad, Gary Douglas, and my very understanding wife Angel. Thank you to God for keeping us safe and blessing us with all we have. I’d also like to thank: Energy 1 Clutches, HD of Lynchburg, Vreeland’s Harley Davidson, Axtel Cylinders, Andy Simon, JB Tech, Victor Gotay, SA Racing, XD Horsepower, Joe’s Parts, Justin Collier, RD Motorsports and Jacob Bush for help in the pits and with video.

Pro Dresser – Jeremy Williamson

The 2022 AMRA Pro Dresser champion is 46-year-old Jeremy Williamson, of New Castle, Indiana. He’s been working for the Nestle Corporation for a number of years, and his need for speed is real!

Jeremy Williamson
Jeremy Williamson

“I’ve been motorcycle drag racing now for as long as I can remember. Going fast is what I do. Coming into the 2022 season in P/D, my biggest goal was to put my bagger into the 7’s, and I accomplished that early in the season. The best part is I learned so much in the process, there’s more – much more!

For the success achieved this year, my special thanks this season to: Kelly Heffner, Brian Murray, Rick Hunnicutt, Shannon Poor, Jason Clasquin, Jim Libonati, Frank Solenburg, Jason Crisp, Stanley Gardner, Cullen Gillis, and Marcus McBain.

Hot Street – Brian Conley Jr.

The 2022 AMRA Hot Street champion is “The Kid,” 23-year-old Brian Conley Jr. of Grant Park, Illinois. Brian grew up in the world of motorcycle drag racing, thanks to his parents and he’s employed in the family business, Valley Racing, located in Beecher, Illinois. You can easily find him in the Dyno room or out in the shop.

Brian Conley Jr
Brian Conley Jr

“I’ve been going to race tracks since I was a toddler; I grew up in racing, really. But I began motorcycle drag racing six years ago. In Hot Street this season, I wanted to get our new bike into the 8s and get my first taste of nitro. We achieved both goals and came out with the championship even after we missed the season’s first two events. We’ve much to be proud of.

I’d like to thank- Valley Racing, JT’s Auto & Cycle, Darkhorse Crankworks, Horsepower Inc, Thundermax EFI, Super Shoxs Inc. Energy One Clutches, Baker Drivetrain, Law Tigers Chicagoland, Sollitt Tap, Coating Specialties, Diamond Diesel & Auto, Tri R Distributing, Spectro Performance Oils, Drag Specialties, Dyno Jet Research, S&S Cycle, R&D Machine Troy Ohio. Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, my girlfriend Alexa, JT & Maryanne. ALSO:  A huge thank you to Ryan Peery & Chris Smith for working with me and letting me get my first hits on “Big Nasty” – the Nitro Funny Bike!

Super Street – Steve Lacy

The 2022 AMRA Super Street champion is 49-year-old Steve Lacy, of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Steve is a certified Toyota Technician by trade, so his mechanical abilities come naturally to him. He’s been drag racing for close to two decades now.

Steve Lacy
Steve Lacy

“I began motorcycle drag racing in 2002, so I’ve been at this now for some 20 years. I started off in E class, as most racers do. Then advanced up the ladder a bit into the index classes and into Hot Street for a while.

2022 was my first year in Super Street, and I learned a ton. Coming into the season, what I really hoped to achieve was just to be competitive in my first year and to have some fun. We definitely accomplished that and won the championship to boot!

My thanks to Dave Lepkey of Backwoods Performance, for his help and support during my championship season. Hopefully we do as well next year.”

Street Dresser – Jay Dekerlegand

The 2022 AMRA Street Dresser champion is 61-year-old, John “Jay” Dekerlegand, of Katy, Texas. This Texan from the Lone Star State has been a bad man on a drag bike for a very long time.

Jay Dekerlegand
Jay Dekerlegand

“I’ve been involved with drag racing for 40-plus years now. First, it was street racing, then onto drag strips. Mostly local racing at first, Texas is a great place for motorcycle drag racing. Coming into the 2022 season, we wanted to set a new National Record for our class of Street Dressers with the AMRA. But winning the championship was number one, and we are #1.

Special thanks to: My wife Hanna, Wolfgang Grasser – bike owner, shop builder, tuner, crew chief, friend. Winter Grasser, Tony Dekerlegand, Jimmy Maikranz, Al & Jackie Dula, Jeff Rocky, Chris and Megg Man (VP Fuels). Jamie Roberts, Doug and Aja Lynch, TJ Tommy, Mikey, Kelly Heffner, Dan Daffe and Chaz Chaz from Axtel, Vance Carlo Dekerlegand, Fernando Ortiz, Bill Affenberg, West Side Chevrolet, Luke Sablica, Hotrod Carlislg, Lisa McKinzie, Nick (VP Racing) Gavin, Jeff Boudrgavy’s dad, Greg & Julia Baugh, the AMRA Staff and the track staff, everywhere we race!

Top Eliminator – David Doremus

The 2022 AMRA Top Eliminator champion is 65 year old David Doremus, of Loveland, Ohio. He’s a Production Superintendent Contractor, by vocation, and an avid long-time drag bike racer. You can see by his joy on race day, he really enjoys racing on weekends.

David Doremus
David Doremus

“I started motorcycle drag racing in 1997. I have raced proficiently in E class, 10.30 index and 9.30 index class. I very much enjoy the challenge of Sportsman racing. Looking into the 2022 season from the start, my biggest goal was to retake the #1 plate in Super Pro. I managed to accomplish that and win the T/E title as icing on the cake too.

I don’t have any big sponsors or help for my race program. But I do want to thank Paul Vicory and David Hedicker for their help this year.”

Super Gas – Heather Jendruch

The 2022 AMRA Super Gas class champion is 49-year-old Heather Jendruch, of Bowling Green, Ohio. By day she is the Site Manager for Napa Auto Parts Integrated Business Solutions for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Heather Jendruch
Heather Jendruch

She is an accomplished Sportsman Champion of AMRA racing and is one tough gal to beat in a drag race. “I have been motorcycle drag racing now for 16 years, 2006 was my initial outing. My goals for 2022 were to A) have fun, B) Turn on Win lights, C) Don’t break stuff, and D) No unscheduled dismounts! All things considered, 2022 was a great year for me, I was truly blessed.

I would like to thank: Jim Van Fleet -Crew Chief, teammate and (Best Friend). Also: Gene Zeltner, Mom and Dad, AMRA, High Energy Output Performance, Kent Foltz @ Energy One Clutches, Hammer Performance, Dale Miller – Miller Motors, Rick Miller, Jack Daniel’s, Rich Vreeland for class Sponsorship and being the other half of the Holy Patriotic Duo and all of the racers in the Super Gas class that battled it out every event.”

Super Pro – David Doremus

The 2022 AMRA Super Pro champion is 65-year-old David Doremus, of Loveland, Ohio. He’s a Production Superintendent Contractor, by vocation, and an avid long-time drag bike racer. You can see by his joy on race day, he really enjoys racing on weekends.

David Doremus
David Doremus

“I started motorcycle drag racing in 1997. I have raced proficiently in E class, 10.30 index, and 9.30 index class. I very much enjoy the challenge of Sportsman racing. Looking into the 2022 season from the start, my biggest goal was to retake the #1 plate in Super Pro. I managed to accomplish that and win the T/E title as icing on the cake too.

I don’t have any big sponsors or help for my race program. But I do want to thank Paul Vicory and David Hedicker for their help this year.”

Pro Eliminator – Cody Hayworth

The 2022 AMRA Pro Eliminator class champion is 36-year-old Cody Hayworth, of Concord, North Carolina. He is the assistant manager for A-Z Industries and is a relative newcomer to motorcycle drag racing.

Cody Hayworth
Cody Hayworth

“In 2021, I decided to give AMRA motorcycle drag racing a try, this year 2022 was my first full season of competition. Coming into this year, I hoped to place as the #1 qualifier in at least one or more events, and win a few races. I missed a #1 qualifier, but the wins equaled my first championship, so I’m pretty happy about that.

Looking back at 2022, I’d like to thank first and foremost, my parents because they are the ones that make this all possible. Next, I would like to thank my wife, Nena, and our boys. I would also like to thank Wire and Cable Your Way for the sponsorship, and all the fierce competitors.”

Street Eliminator – Charlie Walker

The 2022 AMRA Street Eliminator champion is 81-year-old Charlie Walker, of Brandon, Mississippi. Charlie is a US Army SF retired veteran, and he’s made his living in the gasoline trucking business for many years. He’s also an avid motorcycle drag racer of many years.

Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker

“I grew up for a bit in Columbus, Mississippi, and it was a motorcycle town. So I got involved with motorcycles and racing in the 1960’s; I’ve been doing this a while now. I like to be competitive; I’ve always been a competitive guy. I miss the rush of jumping out of aircraft, I was in the Army in Special Forces long ago, and I miss that rush that came with it. Being competitive in motorcycle drag racing helps keeps me sharp. Winning the championship in 2022, was an added plus.

My thanks to Donnie Huffman, who’s helped keep my bikes and racing on point for many years. Also, big thanks to Greg Dahl of GMS and Mike Beland; they also keep me going. I’d also like to thank Greg Baugh and the folks of AMRA, who run a great program and give us a great place to race.”

Eliminator – Bob Bihl

The AMRA 2022 champion in Eliminator class racing is 49-year-old Bob Bihl, of Newport, Kentucky. He works at a local welding shop and is a AMRA motorcycle drag racing veteran.

Bob Bihl
Bob Bihl

“I have been racing with the AMRA for 6 years now. They are a solid sanction and run a good race every time. Very fair with the racers.

My goals coming into the 2022 season were to run more consistently and to improve my skills at tuning from track to track. I had my targets set on going for the #1 plate in both the E and PE classes. But most of all, I just wanted to have fun! Winning the championship in E class: priceless.

The people who made my season happen were: my wife, Betsy, Troy Phillips, Paul Vicroy, David Doremus, Ed Drury, David Hedicker, Wayne Ledford, also Micky and Mary Kay Kelly.

AMRA Class Sponsors, Thank you!

The AMRA would like to thank deeply our class sponsors who, throughout the season made our racing possible. Without these sponsors, there would be no racing! SPECIAL THANKS TO:

Class Sponsors

  • Top Eliminator – Sponsored by Axtell Cylinders
  • Street Dresser Sponsored by Thunder Max in White House Tennessee.  Thunder Max is the fastest auto tuner on the market for Harley Davidson.  More power, more torque, better running motor.
  • Top Eliminator – Sponsored by Benchmark Excavating in Fayette City, PA
  • Super Gas Sponsored by Vreelands Harley-Davidson in Bloomsburg, PA
  • Super Pro – Sponsored by BK Electric in Smithton, PA.  Commercial and Residential Electric work.
  • Eliminator Class Sponsored by Thunder Max in White House Tennessee.  Thunder Max is the fastest auto tuner on the market for Harley Davidson.  More power, more torque, better running motor.

Series Sponsors

  • Vanson Leathers – Since 1947 located in Fall River, Massachusetts.
  • Motolenz Photo – In your face photography- located next to the AMRA Trailer.
  • Tom McCarthy – Photography out of West Brookfield, MA

Most of all, we want to thank the hundreds of racers, nationwide, who attended our races and the family and fans who filled the fence lines and stands – THANK YOU ALL!!!

See you in 2023!!
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