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AMRA Well Represented at 2017 V-Twin Expo

AMRA Well Represented at 2017 V-Twin Expo

What a great V-Twin show in Cincinnati, Ohio, on January 28-29, 2017. Many AMRA Champions made an appearance.  The show was just dripping with famous people in attendance. The names are mentioned here but are not in any particular order of importance.

  • Bert Baker
  • Jerry Korrect
  • Marty Vandenhueval
  • JT John Toth
  • Rich Vreeland
  • Mike Pearce
  • Brock Davidson
  • Gary and Charley Douglass
  • Paul Vicory
  • Bill Rowe Jr.
  • Jim & Heather Van Fleet
  • Gregg Dahl
  • Stacey Bortz
  • DeadBear Mashini
  • Greg Baugh


Bert Baker of BAKER DRIVETRAIN is speaking with AMRA members about their current products. Eric Sichi, Greg Baugh, Bert Baker, Marianne, and JT Toth.


Jerry Korrect of ThunderMax has a reputation of creating World class products. Those products become the best in the world.  Jerry is talking with JT Toth, owner of the ThunderMax’s sponsored race team.  They are discussing the 2017 race season and new products.


Marty and Jayne VandenHeuvel, Matt VandenHeuvel, of the American Motorcycle Racing Association, were at the show. They were discussing the 2017 race season with members about, rule changes. Possible scheduling of new races, at which tracks, and what dates are available.


JT Toth visited all the booths to discuss all the manufacturer’s new product innovations.  JT Toth is talking with Tom Hogan here of Darkhorse Crankworks.


JT Toth stopped to examine the motor plates with Justin LaGrange of Old Jims Customs L.L.C.  On how these motor plated can help JT in his motorcycle repair shop.


JT Toth is asking Art Rea questions about any new products from Antigravity Batteries. JT also discussed the 16 Volt battery he currently uses.


JT Toth notices some new style wheels in Brock’s Performace booth. Jeff Grieco tells them about the custom Harley-Davidson wheels made of Carbon Fiber.


JT Toth stopped at another one of his sponsors Jim’s. JT was talking with Paul Platts and looking at all the newer parts for sale. JT is also discussing the 2016 season and his goals for the 2017 season.


Rich & Patti Vreeland the current AMRA Nitro Funny Bike Champion. Made an appearance talking with other AMRA members.


Mike Pearce is hamming it up with AMRA members.


Gary & Charley Douglass Father, Son Racing Team. Speaking with Kent Foltz of Energy One Performance Clutches and other AMRA members.


Paul Vicory, talking with an old friend Brock Davidson of Brock’s Performance. With Paul Vicory’s winning streak it would make sense for these two to team up again.


Bill Rowe Jr. was around talking to everyone about sponsoring an extra AMRA Regional race in May of 2017.


Jim & Heather VanFleet husband and wife AMRA racing team. Talking with their sponsors Jason Moses of Cometic. Also with Kent Foltz of Energy One Performance Clutches. They are promoting the 2017 AMRA racing season.


Gregg Dahl GMS engine builder and Marty Vandenheuvel talking about the Outlaw Bagger Class.


Stacey Bortz, the fastest woman in the quarter mile on a V-Twin with no wheelie bars. Stacey was talking with other AMRA members about products and the 2017 race season.


DeadBear & Chanel (not shown) Mashini were there talking with AMRA member Greg Baugh.


The V-Twin show was a bit smaller this year, let’s hope that was a sign of our economic times. We should do all we can to make the V-Twin show return to its glory days, as our economy gets better in 2017.

AMRA has two upcoming races in March & April. The 6th Annual Cajun Blowout on March 25-26, 2017 at State Capital Raceway, Baton Rouge, La. Also the Spring Rally & Drags on April 29-30, 2017 at Beechbend Raceway Park in Bowling Green Ky.

Let’s all make America Great Again. The V-Twin motorcycles are almost more American than Mom’s Apple Pie. God Bless America and let’s all support the AMRA. The last standing sanction of the V-Twin motorcycle drag racing. Make 2017 the banner year for our AMRA drag racing history.

Charlie Wieland


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