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ANDRA: Extended Season Draws To An Epic Close In Mildura

ANDRA australian national drag racing association

2019/2020/2021 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series
Mildura’s Sunset Strip
March 12-14, 2021

Extended Season Draws To An Epic Close In Mildura

An extended final round of the 2019/2020/2021 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series at the Mildura’s Sunset Strip brought to a close what has been a protracted season of racing at the weekend across March 12, 13 and 14.

Wet weather on Saturday could not stop the festivities, with racing shifted to Sunday to ensure season champions and event winners were celebrated at the Victorian venue.

The ANDRA Grand Final was extended from two to three days to ensure wet weather on Saturday would not interfere with a successful conclusion to proceedings.

The 2019/2020/2021 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series season had been extended in the face of COVID-19 to not only deliver successful completion of the current competition, but also a record prize pool thanks to Summit Racing Equipment.

Following an epic final day of racing battles, the season champions and event winners were enthusiastically celebrated on Sunday afternoon with plenty of ANDRA Christmas Tree Trophies being handed out.


ANDRA Shane Walker

Champion: Shane Walker
Championship runner-up: Bryan Finn

The Modified Bike title chase came all the way down to the final, with 2017 champion Bryan Finn taking on Shane Walker, who was hunting his breakthrough title after more than two decades of trying.

It all came down to that last race with both competitors declaring their respect for each other prior to the final, and ultimately it was Walker who would take the win over Finn to claim the event and championship victory.

Event winner: Shane Walker
Event runner-up: Bryan Finn

On his way to the final, Walker took on and defeated Archie Fabian (round one), Derryn McGregor and Michael Cristoforo while Finn had booked his ticket to the final with victories over Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Gavin Dohnt (round one) and Greg Oberti before he enjoyed a bye run in the semi-final.

ANDRA Gavin Dohnt
Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Medallion recipient: Gavin Dohnt.

“This is unbelievable – I have been racing for 22 years and for the last seven or eight of those that has been over here after I moved here from Tassie to chase the championship. I have come close a couple of times, so to finally get it, I am pretty happy!” Walker enthused.

“I wasn’t feeling overly confident heading into the weekend. I had a good event at Portland so that was all right, but you can never be confident against these guys. None of them are slouches and you just don’t know what will happen. For instance, Gavin (Dohnt) went out in the first round at Portland, and I would have bet my house that he wouldn’t go out first round again this weekend, but he did.

ANDRA Modified Bike

“You just don’t know, so you can’t be too confident. We are all good riders and there is nothing between us – a lot of the time it is whoever buggers up the least or has the most luck – there is a fair bit of that involved!” he laughed.

“The weekend went all right for us, in the second qualifier the bike misbehaved and I had to change out some electronics and that fixed it for the third qualifier, and then we got lucky in the second round of racing against Derryn McGregor as the bike had a real big hiccup when I picked up third and I was nowhere near him, but he didn’t look over his shoulder! I think I will buy him a set of rear-view mirrors for his birthday!” he chuckled. “But that is what it is, you have to be lucky!

ANDRA Modified Bike

“Thank you to my wife Monika, my friend Anthony who crewed this weekend for me for the first time as Monika couldn’t be here and did a fantastic job, and also Penrite Oil, Jordan Speed and Custom, Burson Auto Parts, Motorlights Australia, Peter Stevens Geelong for the time off, and all of the track staff, volunteers, fellow racers and of course Summit Racing Equipment for sponsoring the series.”


ANDRA Levi Addison
Competition Bike Champion: Levi Addison.

Champion: Levi Addison
Championship runner-up: Rob Cassar

Levi Addison was in the running for championships in both Modified Bike and Competition Bike, and while his Modified Bike hopes came to an end early in the weekend, he was exceptionally happy to secure the title in Competition Bike despite an earlier than hoped for exit from the day’s racing. Addison was also second in the rankings for the John Storm Memorial Trophy, behind winner Christine Steffens.

ANDRA Joe Khoury
Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Medallion recipient: Joe Khoury.

Event winner: Joe Khoury
Event runner-up: Edge Mallis

While Addison took the championship over last year’s title winner Rob Cassar, it was Comp Bike debutant and Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Medallion recipient Joe Khoury who took out the event honours over Edge Mallis with the pair facing off in the final.

“We are so stoked with the championship to be honest!” Addison said.

“I am pretty happy to take this out. The John Storm Memorial would have been nice to win as well obviously, but second is pretty good.

ANDRA Competition Bike

“There were a few ups and downs on the weekend, it was a bittersweet one as we red lit in the Modified Bike class so that sort of brought the mood down a bit, but then we ended up with the title win in Competition Bike which brought everything back up again! On a whole the weekend was pretty smooth, and we are happy.

ANDRA Competition Bike

“I would like to thank my pregnant wife Ashley, my mum and dad, Addison Memorials, Cartel Detailing, The Collective Family, Harley Heaven, Fasta Moto, Garry from Moto Shack, K Rock Automotive, SRT Signs, KLS Property Maintenance, Australian Auto Air and also Summit Racing Equipment and ANDRA.”

ANDRA thanks the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association and all of its volunteers and sponsors for an outstanding racetrack and a well-run event.

For full results from the ANDRA Grand Finals, please click here.


The Australian National Drag Racing Association Ltd, or ANDRA for short, is the drag racing sanctioning body of Australia. The organization was created in 1973 from a more drag racing oriented faction of the Australian Hot Rod Federation. Today ANDRA sanctions races throughout Australia and throughout the year at all levels, from Top Fuel to Junior Dragster, on everything from temporary regional tracks to international standard facilities in capital cities. ANDRA and its members make drag racing a family-friendly, safe sport. So come along as a spectator or bring your street car to an “off-street” event and enjoy the excitement that is Australian drag racing.

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