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ANDRA Grand Finals – Chris Fryer Wins Modified Bike

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ANDRA Grand Finals – Chris Fryer Wins Modified Bike

At the recent ANDRA Grand Finals, part of the 52nd Westernationals at the Perth Motorplex, there was no shortage of ANDRA Christmas Tree trophies hoisted by grinning recipients following the conclusion of the 2022/2023 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series.

While the title winners have understandably been the subject of much of the post-event fanfare, they weren’t the only ones impressing at the Perth Motorplex on March 4 and 5 however, with event wins just as hotly contested as the championship battles.

ANDRA Grand Finals - Chris Fryer Wins Modified Bike

Chris Fryer defeated a new champion, taking on and winning against Brian Alvisio in the Westernationals final to claim his very first ANDRA Gold Christmas Tree.

On his way to the final, Fryer had successfully taken on Connor Wood (round one) and Luke Seaton before a round three bye and a semi-final against championship runner-up, Brian Hotker; while Alvisio had emerged victorious from battles against Owen Rose (round one), Andrew Sellears, Graham Jennings and Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier, Chris Allen.

“I was absolutely over the moon, I had no words for it on the night,” Fryer said.

“This is my very first ANDRA Tree, and it is the second time ever that I have made a final. It was great on the night too because it was my Uncle’s birthday at the same time and he has been crewing for me for the whole time I have been racing. We have not had much to show for it, and then we got the Gold Tree!

“Interestingly in the semi-final I beat the title runner-up and in the final, I beat the champion! We weren’t thinking about any of that, to be honest I was just trying to phase out everything that was going on around me and just concentrate on the tree, and it seems to have worked!

“Thank you to Russell and Natalie Ladbroke from Ladbroke Racing, Peter Dickson, and the rest of my crew, Barry, Sheena and Brett, as well as Simon and Amanda Garbutt. And thank you to everybody at ANDRA and the Motorplex.”

ANDRA thanks the Perth Motorplex and all of its volunteers and sponsors for an outstanding racetrack and a well-run event.

For full results from the ANDRA Grand Finals, please click here.


The Australian National Drag Racing Association Ltd, or ANDRA for short, is the drag racing sanctioning body of Australia. The organization was created in 1973 from a more drag racing oriented faction of the Australian Hot Rod Federation. Today ANDRA sanctions races throughout Australia and throughout the year at all levels, from Top Fuel to Junior Dragster, on everything from temporary regional tracks to international standard facilities in capital cities. ANDRA and its members make drag racing a family-friendly, safe sport. So come along as a spectator or bring your street car to an “off-street” event and enjoy the excitement that is Australian drag racing. www.andra.com.au

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