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APE: Outboard Starter Plate and Nut Kit for the Busa

New from APE is an outboard starter plate and nut kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa. This kit is designed for drag racing busas that are using Lectron carbs and a Dyna ignition on the right side of the motor.

Up until now, the Hayabusa engine was limited as to how much static compression you could put in it, as it had to use the factory electric starter, a weak point in an otherwise great engine.

Because APE is the leading manufacturer of starter plate kits for drag bikes, some of the top engine builders had asked us to do one for the busa.  The first pre-production units have been tested on high compression motors by a top
busa engine builder,  and work flawlessly.

The busa starter plate is fully CNC machined and has an O-ring behind the seal holder so that, like all other APE plates, there is no oil leaks of any kind. It comes with a heat treated steel nut that fits all common starters. 

Production units are being manufactured and will ship shortly.

For a complete line of Hayabusa products, visit www.hayabusazone.com

APE, Burbank, Ca. 818-842-4952   e-mail apefast1@aol.com

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