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APE Racing Cylinder Center is STATE of the ART

APE Race Parts


APE is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of racing pistons for motorcycles. With over 22 years experience setting up cylinder assemblies, APE has developed a skill that allows them to provide the top of the line boring and honing for all makes. Cylinder boring is done on super precision Kwik Way boring bars. These bars locate the cylinder on the bottom surface to assure bores that are dead square to the crankshaft. These machines bore with very smooth surface finishes and perfectly straight and round.

The next step is the honed finish. APE does not use hand hones or bottle brush hones. All honing is done on a state-of-the-art power stroke honing machine. This machine features microprocessor adjustable cross-hatching. The honing process from the bored surface to the final finish uses multiple stones. ( This is as specific as we will get about this ).


Over the years, APE has developed cylinder wall finishes that promote excellent ring seating and long piston and ring life.

The APE machine shop can handle all of your machining needs including upper case boring for larger sleeves. Resleeving, both stock and big bore.

Visit APE’s machine services to see all cylinder services available.

APE Machine Shop from APE Race Parts on Vimeo.

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