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APE: Suzuki GS Motor Plate

APE announces the availability of it’s new left side motor plate for the GS
model Suzukis.

This new plate incorporates the APE exclusive outer crankshaft support bearing. This feature has become very popular in our starter plates as a way to prolong the life of expensive racing crankshafts. It holds the end of the crankshaft perfectly concentic no matter how much RPM the engine turns.

Until now, this feature was only available in the APE stand alone starter plate kit. Customers that wanted to utilize a complete motor plate that also has a countershaft support bearing had to do without the crank support.

APE has combined the best of both worlds with this new motor plate. A countershaft support bearing is incorporated along with the crank support bearing now in one package.

As with our starter plates, this motor plate features an O-ring and seal behind the crank bearing for complete no leak operation. As with all APE starter plates, this new plate is completely CNC machined for perfect fit.  

Available for large or small Suzuki crank ends. The countershaft bearing accepts offset sprockets with a 45 mm nose. ( also available from APE)

Available from all leading race parts distributors, or direct from APE.

Visit our web site at www.aperaceparts.com
 or contact

APE, Burbank, Ca. 818-842-4952   e-mail apefast1@aol.com

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