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APE : Valve Component Tray Reviewed

APE Race Parts

It’s not every day that someone sends you a tool that gets your interest perked up when first you lay your eyes on it. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when this little package from APE Race Parts arrived at our shop. Jay had told me that he was sending me a tool tray that was unique and that I would love it. He was right on both counts. I want to introduce to you the

APE Race Parts

APE RaceToolz.com’s newest cool tool.
(Ta ta ta dahhhh)

APE Race Parts - Valve Component Tray APE Race Parts - Valve Component Tray

Valve Component Tray

Now like most of you, I have used many trays to keep all my head components and parts separate and in a fashionable order so that when it came time to re-assemble, I was organized. This tray not only keeps everything in a correct order, but location of everything is exactly where I would want it to be if I made this thing myself. APE Racetoolz introduces these cylinder head component trays for use when servicing 16 valve motorcycle heads. These rugged trays have places for valves, springs retainers, bases and keepers.

APE Race Parts - Valve Component Tray

This is the ideal way to move the components around the shop without losing any.

Trays come as a two piece set. When the components are in the tray, the second one goes on top as a lid. If you don’t want to use the lid, then you have two trays. Now that I have used these trays for a month and have disassembled 3 heads to use with them, I give them a 9 on my 10 point scale. They are easy to clean the oil and debris from and can be stacked to be put away when not using them. They will stand on their sides on a shelf to ease space requirements. I have made a base for mine out of some ¼” plywood because I found that when the tray is full, it has a bit of flex to it because of the tray thickness which deducted a point on my judgment scale out of 10. It’s really not an issue at all, but I’m anal that way. They have a great price point for 2 trays and are ready for shipment.



Guy Caputo



Go to RaceToolz.com to see this and many other cool shop tool products for your motorcycle.


Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All.
– Guy Caputo



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