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APE: Vortex II Bronze Valve Guides

New from APE . Bronze valve guides for the Vortex II drag race cylinder heads. These new APE guides feature a “slight” hone to fit for the most precise valve control possible.

The Vortex II cylinder is a state of the are racing part ( also available from APE) . Engine builders using this cylinder head have requested that we make a guide that they can set up to their own particular  stem to guide clearances.

In the competitive world of drag racing, every bit of performance counts. This includes precise valve to seat seal for maximum power.

Manufactured from the finest bronze alloy designed for extreme wear resistance. These guides feature a step shoulder to locate the guide in the head to the proper depth to clear even the most extreme pro stock type camshafts lifts.

These guides will also fit Kawasaki KZ/GPZ heads when the absolute maximum retainer to guide clearance is required.
APE is a leading supplier of high performance bronze valve guides. Virtually all of the leading cylinder head shops depend on the complete line of APE valve guides guides.

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APE, Burbank, Ca. 818-842-4952   e-mail apefast1@aol.com

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