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APRIL FOOLS : Brock Davidson Making Motorcycles Great Again

Brocks Performance - Brock Davidson

New Product launches Look to Make Motorcycling Great Again

Brock’s Performance, a global leader in the design, testing, retailing and distribution of go-fast motorcycle parts, is proud to announce three new products which will keep Brock’s on the forefront of motorcycle performance.

First is a new line of Spark exhaust products. They are handcrafted in Italy, they have proven performance in the superbike series, and feature a new line of universal mufflers that will fit anything.

Brocks Performance - Brock Davidson

Melding form and function, Spark turns out unique aftermarket slip-ons and full systems for European, Japanese and American motorcycles that are high in quality, rich in detail and express a strong identity. They speak with unique, tunable exhaust signatures, offer dramatic weight savings and are engineered to increase power where it’s needed most.

Next on the list of new products are the customizable Rotobox Carbon Fiber wheels.

Rotobox’s unique, carbon-fiber monocoque wheels are immediately distinguishable by five wide, elliptical spokes, smooth rim surfaces, and stunning billet aluminum hubs that can be customized during manufacturing by special order.

Brocks Performance - Brock Davidson

These blank canvases beg for artistic personalization. Riders can create one-off designs with Rotobox’s palette of colors, splashy graphics, stripes and logos, all protected by a choice of matte or glossy finishes that accentuate their carbon weaving.

Finally, in the coming weeks Brock’s will launch a new line of Predator Exhaust systems. Invading on the territory of the world-renowned Alien Head, the Predator series will hunt down performance from your motorcycle with it’s bloodthirsty desire for horsepower.


Brock feels the new competition between brands is so strong that he has signed a cross-marketing agreement with Twentieth Century Fox for the yet unannounced movie ‘Alien vs. Predator – The Race Begins‘. While the project is still in development, a concept bike is being created that will be at ridden in the movie by a current motorcycle drag racer.  Brock will be holding a contest of skills and speed at an event to be determined later this year. “The person will have a small speaking role so they will have to look good on camera, have great charisma – and of course – mad riding skills,” said Brock.  “I have a few ideas of who it can be but we want to be open to new talent.” Stay tuned as this project develops. 


“We have seen such exponential growth in our product sales that we feel it is the time to make a large marketing move,” stated Brock. “Our business was built on filling the needs of products not yet on the market. So 2016 is going to be our kick off year of bringing new products to market to fill the voids for our customers.

Brock’s Performance hit a personal corporate milestone this year by leasing their first jet. Brock will now travel to race events and business meetings in a Embraer Phenom 300. His new jet seats up to 10 people, so we imagine he will gain a lot of ‘new’ best friends in the coming months.

“Top executives choose the EMB-505 for personal transportation and it only makes sense with the amount of international travel we will be doing over the next three years,” stated Brock.

“It’s all about being places I wouldn’t be able to be and taking care of business I wouldn’t be able to take care of.” stated Brock. “We aren’t a company that waits to grab ahold of the trends as they pass by. Brock’s Performance will continue to lead the way in motorcycle trends. ”

Brocks Performance - Brock DavidsonBrocks Performance - Brock Davidson

While Brock’s Performance has lead the way in innovation for 30 years, Brock himself has evolved has a businessman. And he credits his business acumen to learning from the mistakes of others.

“Donald Trump is obviously making headlines lately, but I have been keenly following his career for years,” said Brock. “I don’t agree with his way of politics, but his ability to build a brand, promote his company and make deals is unmatched. I have studied his techniques and applied some of his principles to my business and it has helped me immensely.”

Brock is currently writing a book ‘The Art of the Motorcycle Upgrade’ and more moves are not far behind. “It’s about making motorcycling great again,” he said.

“I don’t see myself going into the casino business or the golf course business anytime soon, but you can definitely expect Brock Steaks and Brock Vodka to be on the shelves soon,” said Brock, noting that Brock Water hit the 7-Eleven shelves throughout Dayton, Ohio last month.

“It’s gonna be hhuuuugge!” he said.

Hands down, there is only one person you can trust when it comes to Stupid Fast performance, and that is Brock Davidson. So this year – when you have to make a choice – Brock Davidson is the man you want to make you Stupid Fast! Trust us!

And if you still need some convincing, click here to get your free case of Brock Steaks.


Brocks Performance - Brock Davidson

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