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APRIL FOOLS : Brock’s and Baker Unite to Race NHRA PSM

Brocks Performance

Brock Davidson of Brock’s Performance has announced that he will be fielding an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle to debut at the Summit Motorsports Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, July 3-6.

Davidson has teamed with Bert Baker of Baker Drivetrain for the project. Baker Drivetrain is a leading manufacturer of transmissions and drivetrain components for V-Twin motorcycles, and Baker has a long history of supporting drag racing through the AHDRA.

“Bert and I have become friends over the last couple of years, and we have been toying with the idea of fielding a Pro Stock bike together for some time now,” said Davidson. “It started as a joke, and then we got serious about it. We feel the new rules disallowing 4-valve cylinder heads was meant to slow the class down, so the time is right to enter the competition.”

We were unable to contact Baker directly via phone for comment, but we did receive this Twitter message: HELL YEA man! Definitely looking forward to kickin’ some corporate ASS!!

Davidson himself has a rich racing heritage. He won the AMA Dragbike championship in the highly-competitive Pro Superbike class, and is best known for becoming the first rider to run seven seconds in the quarter mile on a no-wheelie-bar Pro Street bike.

“Pro Stock will be easy for me,” said Davidson. “They don’t explode like Pro Superbikes, and they are much easier to ride than a Pro Street bike.”

The bodywork for the S&S-powered machine remains a secret, but it will be based on a “bagger” style of motorcycle. The new competition body is currently sailing through the NHRA technical acceptance process. “We want to capitalize on the urban bagger movement,” said Davidson.

Davidson, long an innovator of sportbike racing and street performance, has recently begun offering performance parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles through his company, Brock’s Performance.

“I bought a Harley a couple of years ago, and I have enjoyed it much more than I thought I would,” said Davidson. “I have to say that at this point in my life, I like going out on my Harley more than any of my sportbikes.”

Brock’s interest in Harley’s was solidified during a chance meeting with Willie G. Davidson in Sturgis last year. Discussing the fact that they eerily Pinned nearly identical items, the two thought they might be related. And through a subsequent search on ancestory.com, Brock found out that he was a 2nd grand nephew of Willie G.

With his personal relationship with Willie G. Davidson thriving, Brock has been privy to the inside world at The Motor Company.

Brock stated that they have been working on a new Pro Street drag race bike based on the highly-secretive V-4 motor, codename Stultus Head, that Harley has been developing for the next generation V-Rod. The plan is to run MIROCK and Man Cup races beginning as early as 2015.

“I can’t talk specifically about the specs, but the torque and horsepower numbers will blow any of the current inline 4-cylinder bikes out of the water, just think NHRA Pro Stock, times two,” he said.

Brock noted that the bike will be the first of its kind; super charged with a delineated cross-over back-flow design developed by industry icon, “Skeeter”.

The Pro Street effort will mark the reunion of Davidson and longtime racing partner Keith Dennis. But this time the roles will be reversed, with Davidson riding the bike and Dennis tuning.

“Those guys don’t know me as a crew chief,” said Dennis. “I’m gonna’ whip ‘em all. They’re not going to know what hit ‘em!”

“Five years ago I never would have thought I would be in this position,” said Davidson. “Motorcycling evolves, and we have to evolve along with it.”

For a video tour of the top secret S&S engine building facility in Milwaukie, click here.

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