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APRIL FOOLS: Brocks Performance Sold

Brocks Performance

Brock Davidson, owner of Brocks Performance, has announced that he has sold his Dayton, Ohio – based company to German motorsports conglomerate Dummschnell AG for an undisclosed amount.

“I met the people at Dummschnell through my relationship with BMW,”
said Davidson. “They think motorcycle performance is a growth
segment, and they wanted to acquire an established brand in the US

While he will continue to work at Brock’s Performance on a consultant
basis, Davidson announced that he has been simultaneously hired by
BMW to help develop the next generation of sportbike.

“Dummschnell paid me seven figures for my company and will hire me
on a six-figure per year contract for five years,” he continued. “It
is a little bit of a pay cut from what I was making, but I
needed to sell the company to make time to work for BMW. The offer to work on a
the development of a new motorcycle directly with a company like BMW is
a dream come true, and I could not pass it up.”

Davidson has been hired by BMW Motorrad to develop their new drag
race inspired sportbike, the S 1600 DR. “BMW was so impressed with
how the drag racing community has embraced the S 1000 RR, they have
decided to build a bike specifically for the market,” he said.

The machine will have a compact, yet expandable, 1600 cc four cylinder engine and will reportedly produce 225
horsepower at the rear wheel off the showroom floor. Drag-specific
features include self-lowering suspension, self-pressurizing tires on the fly and
an elaborate drive chain tensioner with an exotic swingarm that will
provide a rider-adjustable wheelbase in motion. In addition, a new riding mode,
“strip”, will enable drag-specific clutch engagement featuring traction and wheelie

Rumors that the bike will be available with an optional factory-installed
nitrous system have been confirmed by Davidson. “BMW’s anti-knock technology, combined with their sophisticated engine and fuel management systems will now allow the addition of 50 to 150 additional horsepower without fear of engine damage… and we thought the S1000RR was ground breaking.”

“The main reason I sold my company was to get involved with this
project,” said Davidson. “I had to do it! A bike like this has been my vision for years; it will truly be a sportbike drag racer’s dream come true. You
push a button, and it transforms itself from a comfortable sportbike into a very serious race bike, and then back again. It is
absolutely amazing.” When asked if the new machine could have seven second potential, the first man to pilot a street legal motorcycle under eight seconds in the quarter mile grinned and said, “Now that would be something, wouldn’t it.”

In addition to his transitioning role at Brock’s Performance and work
at BMW, Davidson will also become an on-air personality for a new
segment on Speed TV called “Stupid Fast”. “When Neale Bayle shopped the opportunity to
document a Carroll Shelby type motorcycle project of this caliber, backed by the German powerhouse, they were behind the project 100%” Davidson said with a flattered smile.

In related news, BMW division Städtischen Räder has hired Brock’s
Performance riders Keith Dennis and Jeremy Teasley to promote the yet-unannounced X1 series of compact SUV’s designed to compete with
vehicles like the Kia Soul and Nissan Cube.

“We feel the American urban market is the key to our success so we
needed spokes models who had credibility in the market and could act
as qualified test drivers,” said Johan Engehosen, marketing director
at BMW Städtischen Räder.

“Keith and Jeremy contrast each other well,” continued Engehosen.
“Keith has the bravado and mastery of the urban slang which we think is
important, while Jeremy provides an air of cool confidence and
intelligence. Together they are rated number one in Germany.”

Dennis and Teasley are currently in Berlin recording a new commercial
for the X1. The commercial has the pair racing through the streets
of the city to the song “Ebony and Ivory” by Paul McCartney and
Stevie Wonder.

Dennis was thrilled about the opportunity. “They ain’t seen nothin’
like me,” he said. “I’m gonna whoop all their asses. When I get
done, there’ll be no one left. Have they heard of ’The Sheriff’ in the fatherland? They
gonna’ damn sure know who ‘The Sheriff’ is when I’m through over here!”

“Yeah,” said Teasley.

For a sneak peak of the new BMW X1 click here.

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