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APRIL FOOLS – Keith Dennis to Replace Rickey Gadson at Kawasaki

Keith Dennis to Replace Rickey Gadson at Kawasaki

Kawasaki Motors has announced that Keith Dennis has replaced Rickey Gadson on the Monster Energy Drink AMA Dragbike racing team competing in SuperSport and Super Street.

“It was time for a change,” said Kawasaki’s Mike Hunt. “We have been with Rickey for a long time but let’s face it, he hasn’t won a championship in 3 years. We needed a more aggressive face for the Kawasaki brand and we feel Keith Dennis has the attitude we were looking for.”

Dennis came out of retirement last season to take the SuperSport championship after missing the first two events.

“Now that I am on the green team I am going to be whoopin’ up on those boys,” said the outspoken Dennis. “You just wait. I am going to humiliate them in the staging lanes, I am going to humiliate them on the track, I am going to humiliate them on the track, I am going to humiliate them at tech. This is the ‘No Mercy’ tour and I am the Master of Ceremonies.”

Along with Dennis, Kawasaki hired Brock’s Performance to field the bikes at the AMA Dragbike events.

“Keith’s SuperSport championship came as a partnership with Brock’s Performance,” continued Kawasaki’s Hunt. “We didn’t want to break up that winning team.”

The move came after former Kawasaki crewchief Coby Adams left to take on the crew chief of the newly formed XXX Racing Fuel/Red Bull Yamaha Supercross team of James “Bubba” Stewart.

“I have known Coby a long time and he was my only choice for this position,” said new XXX Racing Fuel/Red Bull Yamaha team manager Richie Brotherton. “He demanded a seven-figure salary but he was worth it. I wanted him to make at least what I was making.”

In an associated deal Red Bull plans on marketing Brotherton’s strawberry moonshine under the name “Richies Brew”.

As part of the deal with Kawasaki Brock’s Performance will no longer be contractually allowed to sell parts for Suzuki motorcycles. He has been give 30 days to liquate his entire Suzuki inventory.

“It’s a fire sale here at Brock’s,” stated Brock Davidson. “We have up to 60% off of all our Suzuki parts. It is a little sad because I had a long relationship with Suzuki but I couldn’t turn down the money. I guess you could say I really went ‘green’.”

In a cross-marketing deal brokered by Kawasaki, Dennis also signed a deal with the Speed Channel to host a Memphis-style BBQ cooking show, “Lip Smack Shack with Shine”.

Soon after being kicked to the curb, Gadson signed a deal with factory Honda to ride a new 2010 V-twin Fury in the Street ET class.

“We are going to hit Street ET hard,” said Gadson. “I have been testing with the bike and it is one hot machine. Talk about torque! And the styling is better than anything I have ever seen.”

Gadson also stated that Honda is in negotiations with AMA Dragbike to bring back the Hot Rod Cruiser class. “I never understood why they canceled the class in the first place,” said Gadson. “It was one of my favorite classes. We plan to bring it back and win on the Fury. Ride Red!”

Click here for the official Kawasaki press release.

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