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April Fools: Kizer to Re-Purchase Prostar

Kizer to Re-Purchase Prostar

Former AMA/Prostar owner Keith “Scooter” Kizer and a new management team will re-purchase the racing organization from Hammer Motorsports after Hammer’s two-month ownership.

“Scooter felt he made a mistake in selling the organization and wants it back,” stated current Prostar co-owner Scott Valetti.  “He made the terms very favorable for us and we decided it was the right thing to do.”

The sale will commence following this week’s MTC Elmer Trett Nationals at Atlanta Dragway.  Kizer was not available for comment as he is currently vacationing in Madagascar.

“It has been a very busy couple of months,” continued Valetti.  “In some ways I am disappointed about the sale but in the end it was the right decision for us.  I want to thank all the sponsors, racers and fans that have shown us tremendous support over this last couple of months. I ask that you show Scooter the same support.”

Valetti noted that Kizer would make immediate changes once the transfer is made.  The biggest is with class changes where the Pro Stock class will be cancelled for the remainder of the season.  In addition, Super Gas and Hot Rod Cruiser will once again be run in competition. “It looks like they want to return to their core business,” stated Valetti.

Changes are also coming to the controversial Super Street class.  Turbo bikes will be allowed run a 66 inch wheelbase and Nitrous bikes will be required to carry 40 pounds of ballast under their seat.

“These are not changes I would have made,” stated Valetti.  “But we respect the opinion of the new ownership to make the decisions that they feel best serves their needs.”

Perhaps the most controversial is the decision to move the racing sanction to a west coast based schedule.  In 2008 half of the eight race schedule will be run on the west coast with all races being run west of the Rockies by 2009.

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