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Arabian Drag Racing Coverage from Qatar

Qatar Drag Racing

2013 Racing Season Coverage

The vision of Qatar Race Club President, Sheikh Khalid Al Bin Hamad Thani was to create the most superior state of the art facility in the Gulf Region. Sheik Khalid’s vision became a reality in February of 2009 when QRC hosted its inaugural event to over 100 racers and a packed house of spectators from all over the globe.

The Qatar Race Club is the most technically advanced and outfitted drag racing facility in the country. The racing track itself has been proclaim to the flattest racing surface in the World and been proven by producing some of the quickest and fastest times in event competition.


Arabian Drag Racing League
Series Race Results and Points

Round 2 Photo Gallery

Round 3 Photo Gallery

Round 4 Photo Gallery

Qatar Racing Club Arabian Drag Racing Legue ADRL

Round 5 Photo Gallery

All Photos by Khalid Saif

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