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Ben Knight Racing : IDBL Season Opener Report

One of the baddest men in sportsman motorcycle drag racing made a facebook post this week tagging a few different racers (myself included) with our winners circle photos from the weekend…. Here’s what Bob Carlson had to say:

Here are just a few reasons why I love Sportsmen drag racing and a few pictures of some of my good friends. These racers are on one hand, some of the most furious competitors on the track, and on the other hand, some of the nicer people you’ll ever meet off the track. They will work on each other’s bikes all night, give you parts to get you back on the track, lend you a bike if yours is broke, wait for you if you’re not in the staging lane yet, wait for you if your bike won’t start, offer you food or drinks, stop and see if you need anything, stop and see if you need help, give you thumps up and a hand shake if you beat them on the track, give you a tow back if you need it, give you advice if you’re struggling, and the list goes on. I’m so lucky and proud I can call them my friends, congrats guys, great work this last weekend at the IDBL race.

I asked Bob if I could use this as part of my BKR race recap from this past weekend as I can’t say it any better than he did and it couldn’t have been more fitting for my weekend (Side note – I was humbled to see such an awesome post, let alone be included in it).

I’m not even really sure where to start… Maybe the best place to start is that I made an awesome decision to roll my complete toolbox into the trailer at 3am on Thursday morning “just in case” I needed all my tools.

Ben Knight

I arrived Friday morning to test my Real Street bike extensively all day as I had only rode the bike 3 passes prior.  Well I had about 2 decent passes (just bogging the bike) and then everything started to go downhill.  The bike was breaking up at wide open throttle.  So the trouble shooting started and I spent all day changing/trying things to fix it with intermittent help from by friends.

The evening test session rolled around and I had not fixed my Real Street bike yet so I decided to pull my bracket bike ( I call her Ole Faithful) out to make sure everything was good.  Low and behold it was breaking up and not acting right as well.  So now I had 2 formerly running bikes that were not running.  So as my awesome friends, dad, innocent bystanders, and I started working on fixing that bike to no avail, my brother was making passes on our ZX-14.

Well next thing we know, he comes back to the trailer and tells us the bike blew up.  He wasn’t kidding and it had kicked a rod through the front of the block (NO WAY OF FIXING THAT…lol).  So in just 12 short hours we went from 3 running bikes to none!


Well we called it a night sometime around 2am (I think) and went to bed.  We thought a good night’s sleep might help our clarity and came back Saturday morning to try to work on my main bike (Ole Faithful).  We worked for a few hours in between time runs/qualifiers and I honestly gave up around 1pm on Saturday.  Now I like to think I don’t “give up” very easily and I do believe that’s a fairly true statement, but when you’ve been burning midnight oil for almost 6 straight weeks preparing for the 2015 season…. Well, sometimes it just gets the best of ya!  That being said, apparently I was the only one content with watching the rest of the weekend as my family and friends kept pushing and working on my bikes in between their own racing and everything else.  The race got called probably around 4pm on Saturday with everything to be run on Sunday and we worked till about 7pm and had finally “isolated” the problem on one bike.  This was accomplished by Dustin Lee and me fearlessly (or stupidly) riding around through the rain and cold to “test” our changes.  Unfortunately we thought both bikes were suffering from the exact same issue and therefore had no spare parts to fix one.

After the amazing Dragbike.com leader convinced me to take a break and go enjoy a nice dinner we once again called it a night from working on my broken bikes.

Sunday morning arrived and I had an “epiphany” to take the throttle bodies off my Real Street bike (just in case they were not suffering from the same issues) and put them on ‘Ole Faithful’.  Once again, my friends had beaten me to the punch and by the time I even arrived to the track to make these changes they were halfway done.  Low and behold we had FINALLY fixed one of my bikes and I made my first clean pass of the weekend.  Determined to salvage the weekend I entered 3 classes on one bike and let my brother run it in a 4th class.  Long story short I went a lot of rounds (lost 4th round Pro ET) and went runner-up in 5.60 to Dustin Lee (one of my friends who helped me fix the bike).  I also managed to beat the reigning BAMF Jeremy Teasley in Crazy 8s (reigning champion in that class as well).

So, I have to give a HUGE thanks to my friends/teammates and family who never gave up on fixing my bikes.  Without a doubt I would have watched on Sunday if it wasn’t for them and I am very thankful for such selfless friends.  They literally lost sleep and time for their own racing programs to help me out and in the process smiled, laughed, and got me back on track.  This race recap is a THANK YOU to Dustin Lee, Spencer Claycomb, Scott Claycomb, Stephen Knight, Tim Knight, Brandi Neithamer, April Henderson, Doug Gall, Megan Schultz, and Rico.

Thank you to Jason Miller, Chris Miller, Big Dave, Denise, Fabian, and all the helpful and friendly MDIR staff for making sure we had an awesome IDBL event.

Last and surely not least, my amazing sponsors who support me through these ups and downs; Quantum Motorsports, WorldWide Bearings, Brock’s Performance, Montgomery Motorsports, McIntosh Machine & Fabrication, Schnitz Racing, HTP Racing, and Knight Communications, Web-Cam, Robinson Industries, Rob Bush Motorsports, Heads Up Performance, Micro Blue Racing, Daytona Sensors, and Blackstone Tek, D.C.P. Tool & Mfg., Dragbike.com, Alisyn Lubricants, Vanson Leathers, FoxFire Coatings, Hays Machine Works, The FBR Shop, MPS, Fun For All Motorsports, and Pro-Coat Custom Powder Coating.

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