Ben Knight Racing : The Whirlwind Year

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The Whirlwind Year

The 2017 season is all wrapped up and the bikes are put away for the winter. What a crazy year it was! From weather affecting what seemed like half the races (really wasn’t that many), to missing some racing due to obligations, to ending up running almost four different series in their entirety.

But despite the intense travel schedule and required maintenance between each race it was certainly a great year. I managed to make it into twelve final rounds and won 66% of those matchups (allowing me to mark off one goal on the list). As always, I set out with intentions of winning a championship and to my surprise it came in the Bikes in the Valley series that I hadn’t even planned on running. Initially I wanted to attend two events to make up for days I had obligations and would be missing out on racing at other events… But after attending the two events I was not only really enjoying the BIV racers/events, but I was also leading points in one class. So, as any racer would do, I went to the rest of the events I was able to attend and eventually won the Street ET Championship at the season Finale (mark off another goal on the list).

This season also had some firsts for me. I was able to win a delay box Pro ET event on my FBR Shop/Montgomery Motorsports wheelie bar Hayabusa and also went on to win a few more events for its first full year of competition (third goal marked off the list). The last big goal that I was proud to achieve was to make some seven second quarter mile passes on a bike that I built. That was achieved on several occasions with a best ET of 7.94. There’s a whole other story on that bike and an emergency engine build at the beginning of the season, which you can read by clicking here.

It wasn’t all about me this year though, as my brother Stephen proved on a limited schedule he can compete with and beat the best of the best. I’ll attempt to steal some credit for building him a new race bike over the winter (shout out to all my sponsors for the support on that project). But, he did a heck of a job wheeling it and his other bike to multiple victories. Most notably a $5,000 to win race in Maryland and a Pro ET victory against delay box/bar bikes. It didn’t end there though, he secured his first championship by winning the IDBL Crazy 8’s title at the season finale.

We had an awesome 2017 season and although I’m sad to see it over, I’m looking forward to a restful off-season. I will be making some announcements soon about my 2018 plans and I’m very excited about next season and some changes to my program. As always, I couldn’t compete at the level I do without the support of these great companies: WorldWide Bearings, Full Spectrum Power, Energycoil Racing, Vanson Leathers, Montgomery Motorsports, The FBR Shop, Schnitz Racing, McIntosh/Grayson Motorsports, Wossner Pistons/Rods, MPS,, M2.Shocks by RPS Manufacturing, Web Camshafts, Knight Marketing Group, Knight Communications, Quantum Motorsports, Brocks Performance, 1 Stop Speed, Rob Bush Motorsports

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