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Benny Stevens Amputee – Fuelled Motorsport – 2023 GoldenStates Report

Benny Stevens 2023 GoldenStates Report

The Dananni HOTSHOTS “Big girl” Top Fuel Harley was runner up for the event, coming just short of the win in an awesome side by side final with Wayne McGuinness.

It was a huge effort to get to the goldenstates, stripping and building 2 engines in 3 days on race week, and everything else that goes with it.

We had top qualified for the event, with 6.62 and 6.61, putting holes out at 1100-1200 ft both passes, batteling the weather conditions, Raceday we just were a little behind where we needed to be dropping cylinders half track on the first run, 1100ft second lap and the same in the final.

Running lazy 6.60’s with not one full power pass to the finish in the weather conditions we had still showed promising signs, we just couldn’t get that last little bit sorted.

The Dananni HOTSHOTS Gorilla had a big rod failure in Adelaide, The legends at #Appliedautomotive made the dream come to life with getting parts machined up cleaned up, enabling us to bolt the engine back together and having on the track for Raceday.
I started off with a soft tune showing big potential on Aaron’s first hit.

Raceday I made a couple of tiny changes, we had a couple of air feed issues, with Aaron only pulling out one lap in the D final, going through with a 7sec pass well off the throttle before the finish line.

Being a different engine combination and more power, it was expected that it may take a couple of laps or two to get used to the new deal.

The gambler had a catastrophic engine failure on the hit, snapping a crank and rods. I will be stripping it down shortly and hoping we can rebuild by Adelaide.

Thanks to my awesome team for everything you guys do, once again you all put so much effort in making race day run as smooth as it possibly can be. Absolute legends all of you!
Thanks to Jodi for sorting all of our food and drink, also Paige for helping keep the team fed and watered.

Thanks for cheering me on from home Tara and the kids!

A big thank you to Bob and Pete from Applied Automotive for your time in getting all of my engine bits sorted quickly, if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t of been on the track. Thank you so much!

Thanks to my uncle Phil for all of your running around and parts you machined up for us, bloody legend!

Thanks to the Perth Motorplex for an awesome event and a great racing surface.
Thanks to Carole for everything you do for us boys it’s appreciated.

A special thanks to Danni from Dananni HOTSHOTS for standing behind us, and supporting everything we do!

Thanks to Phil Reeve – Sports Photographer for all of the awesome pics and frames.

Thanks to our sponsors for your ongoing support into the 23/24 national series.

Naming rights: Dananni HOTSHOTS

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High Octane Photos
Phil Reeve sports photography
Paul Neiuwhof

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