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Berzerkerz Racing Report from CMDRA Pacific Coast Nationals

Trevor Hadley


Berzerkerz Racing at the CMDRA Pacific Coast Nationals in Mission BC June 20/21 2015

“Prior to the Mission Race’s we were tuning the bikes to give more fuel. Because of the lower elevation in Mission, the air density is naturally higher, which means the fuel delivery can be increased proportionally. Mission Raceway being the lowest elevation track we run, we theoretically could get the best times there. However, due to the high humidity in the air that weekend, we were limited to the amount of fuel we could deliver. If it had been less humid we would have better race conditions and could have run more fuel volume. We also had computer problems with the Race Packs, limiting our observation and fuel management abilities on three of the four bikes. But that being said the boys have never ridden so well before! They gathered some new personal best times in test and tune, and in the eliminations! Evan rode two of the fastest run’s I have witnessed in Canada. Overall the whole event was good.” said Crew Chief, Trevor Hadley.


After the Badlands Nationals June 6/7 2015, the Berzerkerz Racing Team were busy preparing for another long haul to Mission BC for June 20/21 2015. After working on the bikes and prepping the team, everyone was ready and well on the road Thursday June 18th.

The men rode out in groups from the North and South, meeting up overnight with the Support Crew in Kamloops BC, and carried on together Friday the 19th. They arrived in Mission Friday night for set up in the pits and bike preparation for Saturday Morning.


There were Ten Entries in the Mission Raceway Pacific Coast National Pro Dragster Class this year. Jaimie Williams ran a RT 0.188 and ET 8.002 at 160.54 MPH in the first round beating Quinn Olson on the 1/4 mile. Aaron Barsness ran a RT 0.295 with a ET 7.867 at 160.59 MPH in the first round against Doug Hadley on the 1/4 mile, who had a break down in the First Round. Evan Barsness ran a RT 0.323 with a ET 7.508 at 170.97 MPH beating Murray Johnson in the first round on the 1/4 mile. Round two we saw a very close race with Aaron Barsness running a RT 0.153 and a ET 7.915 at 158.25 MPH up against Al Miles who won knocking Aaron out with a RT 0.220 and a ET 7.758 at 161.00 MPH. Evan Barsness ran a RT 0.162 with a ET 7.728 at 161.26 MPH knocking Jaimie Williams out at a RT 0.406 with a ET 8.597 at 153.32 MPH in the second round. In the third round we saw Evan Barsness advance into the finals running  a RT 0.231 with a ET 7.724 at 162.04 MPH down the 1/4 mile.


While warming up in the pits before lining up at the lights for the final, Evan’s bike broke down loosing a bearing retainer ring, that unfortunately could not be fixed on the spot. Evan Barsness qualified Second Overall regardless of the break down, Aaron Barsness qualified Fourth Overall and Jaimie Williams qualified Fifth Overall for the weekend.

Evan Barsness did have the lowest time at 7.508 and top speed at 170.97 MPH on the 1/4 mile! He is currently first in Canada for points in the Pro Dragster Class. Congratulations Evan!!


Congratulations also to Dan Ramage the winner of the Race at Pacific Coast Nationals in Mission BC. He did some fantastic runs. But move over Dan because those runs won’t be good enough in the future; we’re coming! Also special mention and thanks to Quinn Olson and Dean Lerouche with Ol’Skool Racing for your help with the fuel requirements; your sportsmanship is highly appreciated!

Click here view to the CMDRA Detailed Race Results for Pro Dragster.

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You can see the Entire Team Up next July 17/18/19 2015 in the Mopar Nitro Jam Rocky Mountain Nationals, at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton Alberta.

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