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Bikes in the Valley 2019: May Race Results

Bikes in the Valley

Orient Express Racing
Bikes in the Valley
Lebanon Valley Dragway
May 11-12, 2019

May Race Results

Thank you everyone that came out and supported the Orient Express NY Nationals and Bike Show sponsored by Schnitz Racing and KB Performance. We got Saturday Race completed, unfortunately, Sunday got rain out.

The Orient Express NY National May 11 & 12 event Sponsored by Schnitz Racing and KB Performance, Saturday went down, unfortunately Sunday was rained out. #1 Qualifiers was Bob Carlson in M2 Shocks Street ET Class, Tom Link in Vanson Leathers Pro ET Class, Andre Roche in the DME 9.2 Below, and James Waugh in the SAE Outlaw Performance 60” Class.

The new SAE Outlaw Performance 60” run it all out Class was a pretty exciting start. James Waugh had the bye run in the Semi Finals, but taking the full pass on his bye, he wiped out his clutches. The other Semi Pair was Mike Tona and Robbie Giumond. Giumond was at a .3 disadvantage all day over Tona and Waugh, so Giumond tried to steal the win on the tree and staged it deep, and ending up taking a stab at the tree, but ended up leaving before the tree came down. Tona took the easy win over Giumond with a ET of 8.66 @ 157.03 MPH. Waugh now with damaged clutch pack, started wrenching on his bike, Tona waited for Waugh, and Giumond ended up pulling is clutch pack out of his bike and putting it in Waugh’s bike for the Finals. Talk about sportsmanship for both riders, was awesome. When the final pair got up to the line, James Waugh had a incredible reaction time for a 60” no bar bike on a .400 Pro tree with a .007 against Mike Tona’s .097. It was a close side by side battle to the end with James Waugh taking a close win with the best pass of the day of a 8.59 @ 161.32 over Mike Tona’s 8.63 @ 156.92.

The DME 9.2 Below Class had a great turnout with the slower 9.20 required dial in over last season 8.99. The Finals came down to the #1 Qualifier Andre Roche and last years M2 Shocks Street ET Champion Ashon Dickerson. Dickerson aboard Big Bo’s Busa took the starting line advantage of .065 over Roche.122 and pushed Roche under his 8.38 Dial-in with a 8.366 @ 152.70 while Ashon ran 9.052 @ 150.84 on his 8.98 Dial-in.

The Vanson Leathers Pro ET Class proved again to be the largest Class of the day. The Finals came down to the Battle of the Ron’s. Ron Blake took a huge hole shot win over Ron Legaults. Blake had a .047 Reaction time with a 9.479 @ a off the throttle 132.60 MPH on a 9.43 Dial-in to Legaults .189 Reaction time running right on his 8.95 Dial-in with 8.955 @ 150.77.

The M2 Shocks Street ET Class came down to two Kawasaki’s of Bob Bradley and Garrett Murphy. Off the starting line, the Reaction times were close with Bradley taking the slight advantage of .038 to .049 and took the win with a off the throttle pass 9.713 @ 128.94 on a 9.60 Dial-in over Murphy’s 9.266 @ 144.34 on a 9.15 Dial-in. Garrett still had a great day go a lot of round in three different classes.

The Harley Dragbike category BIV and LVD Wednesday night Regular Rich Kopeck took the win on his Street VRod with a double red light, however Kopek closer to the green of a -.030 was good enough over Perry -.137.

The Harley Street ET Class, J. Ryan took the double breakout win with a .243 Reaction time and a 12.453 ET @ 104.33 on a 12.60 Dial-in over Tim Kelleher .110 Reaction time on a 13.919 @ 86.55 with a 14.10 Dial-in.

Thank you
Orient Express
Schnitz Racing
KB Performance
SAE Outlaw Performance
Vanson Leathers
M2 Shocks
Engery Coil
MTC Engineering
Standard Cycle
Kiniry Excavating
Worldwide Bearings
Carlson Heating, Air & Hot Water
1Stop Speed
OnPoint Image
Sheriff Electric

Official Photographer: OnPoint Image


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