Bikes in the Valley: 2021 Motorcycle Drag Racing Schedule

Bikes in the Valley

2021 Orient Express Bikes in the Valley Schedule

The Orient Express Racing Bikes in the Valley series is excited to announce its 2021 motorcycle drag racing schedule. All events will be held at Lebanon Valley Dragway in West Lebanon, NY.

2021 Schedule

  • May 8
  • June 12
  • July 17
  • August 14
  • September 4
  • October 16


Orient Express

Long time Bikes in the Valley series sponsor Orient Express Racing will continue their support of the series in 2021 and will be offering special discounts to our racers.



M2.Shocks will continue their support of the Street ET class. For the 2021 drag racing season, only OEM style true hand clutches are permitted in the Street ET class. See the rule updates below.


MPS Racing

MPS Racing will continue supporting Pro ET. Dan Rudd of MPS Racing is a huge supporter of the Pro ET class across many sanctions, and we are happy to have them back on board with Bikes in the Valley in 2021.


The 9Below class will get a makeover for the 2021 season. After input from our racers, the class index of 8.99 is being changed to a 9.20 index. And we are proud to announce Schnitz Racing the new 9.2 Below class for the 2021 season. Bikes in the Valley racers will also receive exclusive discounts and goodies from Schnitz Racing this year.


Bikes in the Valley 2021 Schedule

General ET Rules

  • NHRA Motorcycle Rules apply
  •  E.T. Bracket Racing Class run on a .500 full tree w/ True Start
  • All Run Field, pairing by reaction time in time trial
  • Points will be award to those who enter the points program.
  • Points payout at the end of the season for those who entered points
  • One rider can only enter one bike per class
  • One bike can only have one entry per class
  • You can substitute bike ONLY before 1st round of Elimination
  • Lane choice goes to the better qualifier throughout all the rounds
  • All motorcycles/snowmobiles must have sponsors decals on both sides if available before first round of elimination to get paid.
  • No Scooters
  • No Negative Post
  • No Snivelers

M.2 Shocks Street ET

Street ET CLUTCH rule for 2021: Only OEM style true hand clutches are permitted. Lock‐Up clutches of any kind (i.e., Snowflake, Gen 1, or Gen 2 style) are prohibited. Slider clutches prohibited. If you believe someone in the class is using an illegal clutch, then you must go to Race Control to complete the official protest procedure. Anyone found illegal will be ejected without refund, all points for the season will be stripped, and one-year suspension from BIV.

  • Maximum Wheelbase is 70″ axle to axle
  • No Wheelbase limit on 10 sec or slower V-Twin Motorcycles
  • 2-steps (starting line rpm limiter) and delay boxes prohibited
  • Clutch must be hand-activated unless OEM.
  • Sliders Prohibited
  • Wheelie Bars are Prohibited
  • DOT Street Tires only Permitted. No Slicks
  • All Bikes must be self-starting and drive back return road.
  • One tow back is allowed if bike broke on last pass
  •  Any Exhaust System excepted, no baffle needed
  • Lane choice goes to the better qualifier throughout all the rounds

MPS Racing Pro ET

  • Snowmobiles are welcomed
  • Same Rules as NHRA Div 1 Motorcycle/Sled Rules
  • .500 Full Tree Bracket Racing
  • Delay Boxes Allowed

Schnitz Racing 9.2 Below

  • E.T. Bracket Racing Class run on a .400 pro tree true start.
  • Deep Staging is allowed, at your own risk, starter will not hold the tree for staging deep.
  • 9.20 and quicker dial-in only
  • Slicks and Wheelie Bars allowed.
  • Qualifying by quickest ET
  • All Run
  • Snowmobiles are welcomed
  • Points will be awarded if rider joins the points program.
  • One rider can only enter one bike/sled in this class
  • One bike/sled can only have one rider in this class.
  • You can substitute a broke machine before first round, but qualifying runs on broke machine won’t count.
  • Lane choice goes to the better qualifier.
  • NHRA Div 1 Motorcycle/Sled Rules, track manager has final say.
  • No Delay Boxes.

Visit the Bikes In the Valley group on Facebook for more information.