Bikes in the Valley: Race 1 Results from Lebanon Valley

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Bikes in the Valley

Orient Express Bikes In the Valley
Lebanon Valley Dragway
May 5, 2018

Schnitz Racing

Thank you to Dave Schnitz at Schnitz Racing for supporting Bikes in the Valley, and sponsoring our season opener event. Congratulations to all our winners, our next event is May 26th sponsored by Kiniry Excavating at Lebanon Valley.


DME Racing 9 Below
W – Kim Kinry / .060 / 8.73 / 8.801 / 147.72mph
RU – Bob CArlson / .103 / 8.92 / 8.918 / 149.59
#1 Qualifier – Kevin Manchester / 7.97 at 173.90mph

Vanson Leathers Pro ET
W –  Donny Anderson / .058 / 9.08 / 9.15 / 136 mph
RU – Walter Houghtaling / .117 / 10.47 / 10.49 / 129 mph
#1 Qualifier – D White / .004 R/T

M2 Shocks Street ET
W – Ashon Dickerson / .022 / 9.01 / 9.15 / 132.30
RU – Pete Bielman / .423 / 10.96 / 10.88
#1 Qualifier – Ronnie Legault / .001 R/T


9 Below Winner – Kim Kinry


9 Below Runner-up – Bob Carlson


9 Below #1 Qualifier sponsored by Vantine Nitrosports – Kevin Manchester


Pro ET Winner – Donny Anderson


Pro ET Runner-up – Walter Houghtaling


Pro ET #1 Qualifier sponsored by MTC  – D White


Street ET Winner – Ashon Dickerson

Street ET Runner-up – Pete Bielman

Notes for our next race

We want to try a new Run order at the next Event on May 26th sponsored by Kiniry Excavating at Lebanon Valley. We will run the classes in the following order back to back without any car classes or test and tune between any of the classes:

1)Vanson Leathers Pro ET
2)M2 Shocks Street ET
3)DME 9Below
4)Cars, test and tune, etc.

We would like to keep all three classes together for the BIV Fans coming to watch.

Any Racers that are entered in more than one class, In an effort to give the racers the time to get back on time, will be allowed to jump to the front of the staging lanes, in front of the single entree racers. In Eliminations, if your double/Triple Class entered, find your opponent, and ask them to come to the front of the line.

If your a single class entree racer, when called to the staging lanes, don’t go all the way to the front of the staging lane, leave a gap for about 10 bikes to pass in front of you.

When Pro ET is called to the staging lanes, racers running Pro ET & Street ET, move to the front of the staging lanes. Racers running Pro ET & 9Below move to the front of staging lane, behind them.

When Street ET is called to lanes, racers running Street ET & 9Below, move to the front of the staging lanes.

If your running multiple classes, in elimination, find your opponent and let them know what you’re doing. If your running one class and your opponent is running multiple classes, help them out, be ready when they return and be prepared to move to the front of the lines if asked to.

We can make this work if everyone knows what’s going on, and get to the staging lanes as soon as you’re called to the lanes.

We feel to continue our growth, we need to keep all our classes together. However, it’s important for our growth, to let racers double class enter as well.

Thank You, everyone, for your help!

Photo Highlights


Current Points


Special thanks to all the people who help make BIV great our sponsors

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